October 21, 2015

To the Women of Amazing Men.

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My man is amazing.

I haven’t met another soul who sees life as one big pool of possibility. He wants to experience as much of the world as he can. He wants to do everything, see everything and be everything.

He wants to do all of this with me.

I appreciate him.

The stories he tells focuses around us and what we’ve done together. He puts me first, always eager to please. I ask, and he follows through.

My man wants to make me happy and strives to bring that to our relationship every single day.

He stood by my side and made a commitment to share in life with me. When times get tough and we’re not seeing eye to eye, I know that he will never leave me.

I say thank you.

Thank you for cooking a homemade meal after a long day of work.

Thank you for cleaning out the rain gutters and folding the laundry.

Thank you for making decisions and choices that better our life.

I support him.

I encourage him to dedicate time to his hobbies.

He is a creative soul, and building something with his hands is his outlet for that creativity.

I allow him the time that he needs to feed his creative talents. I understand that this isn’t work for him; these creations are an extension of his being.

He needs to create just as much as he needs air to breathe.

I embrace him.

My man likes affection.

I don’t wait for him to ask me for a hug, I beat him to it. When I go to pull away, he holds on longer. It’s in those extra moments of embrace when love is exchanged like electricity flowing through power lines.

He wants those extra moments; he needs those extra moments.

I cuddle with him in bed, lying face to face, legs intertwined like a pretzel.

I look him in the eye and realize just how special I am because he chose me.

I love him.

Just as he works hard at being everything that I need of him, I put forth the same effort to be all that he needs of me.

He’s my best friend. Our hearts are connected on an energetic level. He’s someone who I can tell my deepest darkest secrets. He lets me know that it’s safe for me to be my true self with him.

I show interest in getting to know the man that he is today.

I ask him questions about what he’s doing and what he thinks. I ask him to tell me stories from his childhood that he’s never shared before. I also ask him more philosophical questions like, “Do you think there’s hope for the world?”

I love him during the day, but I love him at night too.

I run my fingers gently down his chest, kissing his lips until I feel him wanting me.

My man is passionate.

I encourage him to explore my body and in this moment know that he is my everything.

Not everyone gets the chance to experience sharing life with someone like this.

I love on him even more, because he is absolutely worth it.


Author: Richelle Rae Okaluk

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Nadia Morgan/Flickr


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