October 3, 2015

Trump is the Perfect Presidential Candidate, Except for this One Small Thing.

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He’s just running on the wrong continent.

Trevor Noah, the host of the Daily Show, nailed it with this one.

Noah argued that the 6 in 10 Americans who believe Trump is unqualified and unfit to be President are missing one vital thing,

“Donald Trump is presidential, he just happens to be running on the wrong continent.”

Donald Trump is a perfect fit for president—in Africa. His “light xenophobia, with just a dash of diplomacy,” makes him the man for the job, in a dictatorship or at least a questionable democracy perhaps. But don’t take my word for it, watch Trevor prove just how presidential Donald really is.

And while he’s at is, Trevor also proves, to those who were still in any doubt, just what a perfect successor to Jon Stewart he is.

As one commenter said, “Good job Trevor Noah!! You have brought a global perspective to the daily show!”


Author: Khara-Jade Warren

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Read 2 comments and reply

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