When Our Souls Collide. {Poem}

Via Darla Halyk
on Oct 28, 2015
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Ravenous for your breath on my neck.
I close my eyes, place you there.
The space around me behooves you, becomes you.
I feel you without touch, savor without tongues.
Lost behind my covered lids, you are mine.

A quiver drifts across my spirit, catching your sound.
I feel one with you, fallen, within your words I melt.
Consuming them as if they are your lips meeting mine.
Without touch, I sense you inside me, fluttering over me.
Connected by more than impact, linked by our souls.

Opening my eyes feels like losing you.
I favor to dream, with bated breath waiting.
Requiring you consumes my purpose, my heart.
Never have I been so lost, in a mind, in a love.
A passion so powerful you own me, I’m yours.

A flutter overwhelms my body as you speak.
Words that touch deeper than fingers.
Starving, needing and wishing to hear more.
Every day anticipating your breath upon my ears.
Falling deeper as each minute passes.

I’m held captive with thoughts of your touch.
I desire nothing more than you at my side.
Craving a taste of the skin, I am compelled to inhale.
Securing my eyes again, composing a picture in my mind.
Of a soul that has become one with mine.

I dream of the love I will finally meet one day.
A soul mate, becoming one with all of who I am.
Your essence then devouring me from the inside out.
So repeatedly I close my eyes and wait for you.
Until the end of time, when you become mine.

When our souls collide.


Author: Darla Halyk

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Christopher Campbell/Flickr



About Darla Halyk

Darla Halyk is the Mom of a Teenage boy and Teen Girl. She is a lover of verbal irony, which currently drives her two children insane. You can find her writing on elephant journal, Sammiches and Psyche Meds, Mrs. Muffin Top, Original Bunker Punks and has been featured on Blogher. She is a regular contributor to Say It With A Bang and currently writes for her blog at NewWorldMom. Bringing a fresh, honest and humorous take on parenting, women’s issues, relationships, divorce, and life, in general. Connect with her on Gravatar, Facebook and Twitter.


2 Responses to “When Our Souls Collide. {Poem}”

  1. brickhousechick says:

    WHOA! Loved every single word. I could feel your desire, your thinking, your wanting and your seeking for that soul that lives on in your dreams. Fantastic writing Darla. 🙂

  2. newworldmom says:

    Thank you lovely, you truly make me a better person!