October 10, 2015

You May Write Me Down As…

Flickr/Sabrina M

The one who broke free,
From the blinders that masked me

The cords that held me,
And the clamps that choked me
That made me forget the truth of who I am.

For, I came in with a spark
That, once ignited, lit a fire
That burned through the mask
And melted the cords
And threw open the floodgates.

And I saw that
I am not my body.
I am not my mind.
And I am not my ego
With its chatterbox of half-truths.

I am more than what you see.
I am molecules of Earth, Water, Fire and Ether.
Invisible in action. A fractal in nature.
My form is sound and light.

I am more than what you hear.
I am the crash of the tide,
The song of the sun,
The Word.
My voice is frequency and vibration.

In silence, I am the Observer,
The active dreamer,
The essence of everything and nothing.
Never required to say or do anything,
Only to be all that I am.

For I am that I am
The heart of the universe,
Earth Keeper,
My True Self is Love
And Love heals all.

You may have attempted to write me off in your contracts,
When I consented to give up my memories,
In exchange for a body suit
And a ticket to earth.
But I also came in with free will and intent.

So I revoke your contracts that no longer serve,
I withdraw consent from unjust laws.
I choose love over fear, here and now.
I reclaim my power
Forever more.

My presence alone is enough,
Yet I am not alone.
In a world conscious co-creation,
I choose to drum to my own beat
And dance to my own rhythm.

I remember my mission
As an artist, here to create,
Using my unique gifts to share.
Life itself is a gift of perpetual rebirth,
Ever changing and rising.

Knowing the past is passé and the future never arrives,
History is only a story.
For as the seasons play out, no story is fixed.
Beliefs are re-patterned
And truths are rewritten.

So if you must write me down,
Write me as—
Love never ending
For that is who I am.



This is Who I Am. {Poem}


Author: Rosanne Lindsay

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Sabrina M


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