November 17, 2015

I Trust You, Do You Trust Me? {Video}

hug, "I trust You, do you trust me" screenshot/ Youtube

Not many videos move me to tears. This one did.

Though several months old, this video has gone back into circulation in the wake of recent events. In the pattern of popular social experiments, a man stands on a busy street in Toronto, blindfolded.

By his feet, two signs:

“I Trust You

Do You Trust Me?

Give Me a Hug.”


“I Am Muslim

I Am Labelled

As A Terrorist.”

As we watch through the camera lens, compassionate person after person approaches this stranger to give him a hug. Old and young. All races, genders and, presumably, creeds.

It is the simplest, most powerful display of love, acceptance and unity I can think of, and one we would do well to keep in our hearts during this time of turmoil.

Unity is unity. It is for everyone, or it is meaningless.

As individuals, we have limited agency to create change. Our power lies in our freedom to choose trust, and to choose love.

In this video, strangers choose both.

In fear, we become distrustful, suspicious, insular, closed, accusatory. Let’s trust. Once we give up trusting our fellow humans, we truly become powerless against fear.

I trust you.

Do you trust me?


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Author: Toby Israel

Photo: Yuni Khan/Pixoto // Youtube


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Read 3 comments and reply

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