November 23, 2015

Raw, Wide Open. {Poem}

Analisa self portrait
I give myself without condition—
raw, wide open.

A perfect presentation of my imperfect self,
I allow myself to miss him after the first date.
I will not apologize for feeling
and not fear appearing too clingy or vulnerable,
because it is real.

I will text him right back and not play games
I will bake him cupcakes
and massage his temples while he falls asleep,
Leaving sweet notes waiting on his pillow,
for when he arrives home from work.

I will think of my future and imagine him in it,
but not fall apart if he is not.

I will love him wildly,
Even if it is just for a week,
Just a day,
Just a moment.

Because love does not have to mean forever—
And loving him does not mean he has to love me back,
Because with every particle of love I release,
I feel every particle of love circle back.



She is Nothing you Expected—but Everything you Needed. {Poem}


Author: Analisa Krasula

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Author’s own.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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