December 21, 2015

6 Ways Drinking Alcohol Makes Us Healthier. {Infographic}


Do you know that moderate drinkers have better heart and brain health, and generally live longer, than abstainers?

It’s true.

Research is increasingly showing that there are health advantages to moderate drinking.

This doesn’t mean that non or occasional drinkers should hurry down to the liquor store and stock up on booze. Alcohol isn’t an essential ingredient for a healthy life.

However, it does mean that moderate drinkers should be living guilt free, confident in the knowledge that their nightly tipple is doing them some good.

Art of Wellbeing created this infographic which outlines the six important ways drinking alcohol makes you healthier.




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Author: Brendan Brown

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Art of Wellbeing, Flickr/linmtheu

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