December 22, 2015

A Tribute to Your First Decade of Life, my Son.


You came from my body.

That makes you a natural extension of me. And yet, you are a new generation.

You carry a part of me in you forever. And you will pass on this part of me to your child one day.

When I see you today, I feel proud. This pride is instinctive. It comes from that part in me that belongs to my forefathers, that nods approvingly at the seeds of humanity being passed on like this.

I have imagined your future many times. I have visualised a handsome boy, a gentle lover, a nurturing father and in all these visions, I see my son, the child. I have seen your disappointments and your apparent failures. My heart has twisted on seeing your pain and every fibre of my being has passed on courage to you in those moments, yet to come.

Know this: you will make it. You will flower and give fruit to others. You will enrich lives with your gentle soul. Your sister will yearn to find a partner like you. Your wife will love you in good times and bad. Your children will bring you more joy than you brought us.

Your connection with the moment is what will keep the light on inside you. You have a precious connection with yourself. Your silence speaks volumes to you. When I see you retreat into yourself, I know you are safe and in a happy place. It is not isolating, rather, it is welcoming—to anyone who is willing to share it with you.

When dealing with anything, try and remember that whatever you are trying to deal with is a part of a system. It is a piece that fits. It has a place and to find its place is easier than it appears. Believe this and the path will appear clear to you.

This is especially true in friendships. Don’t look through people. Know that each person you meet is connected to you. Use your eyes to remind them of these connections. Use your smile to help them remember with fondness. Use your touch to bring out their inner compassion. Use your voice to urge their goodness to emerge. This is the key to winning them over.

Learn from everything around you but learn from yourself the most. Your inner intelligence speaks to you kindly. Engage in inner dialogue.

Your body is beautiful. It will age but it will never stop being beautiful. It defines you in the moment and gives people a path to connect with you. Some may admire you for it, some may be envious of you because of it. It will constantly attract other bodies and each attraction is an opportunity to make a deeper connection. Use it well.

Respect begins inside. Love is the fuel for respecting—yourself and others. When you feel dissatisfied with how an important relationship is turning out, ask yourself whether you have treated it with respect.

A friend who can accept you unconditionally makes for a good life partner. Choose well and yet don’t think too hard before you decide. Trust your instincts but follow through with a deep commitment to your happiness. Explore every connection, especially during times when there seems like there are none.

When you are struggling with life’s challenges, think of me. Remember my love for you and let it uplift you when you fall.

There is a universal force that powers the umbilical cord. This force binds us beyond our years and lifetimes. I believe in this force.

My belief in it, in you, is enough.


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Author: Madhuri Kudva

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Photos: Author’s Own


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