December 29, 2015

My Love, Are We Ready For Love?

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My love, after much consideration and hesitance, I have decided to write to you.

There is so much that I want to express and feel that through the written language you may get at least a small glimpse of my internal universe. I would like us to take at look at our love before we step any closer towards each other. I ask you to resist all temptation to judge or analyze until you have absorbed the entire message. Understand that every word comes from a place of love deep within me. This is a call from my soul to yours.

It has only been a short time since our Universes have collided. However, we hit the ground running and have had nothing short of an intense relationship since we met. I realize as I stand upon this fresh new foundation, there are still many cracks to be filled. There is so much unknowing.

Although I realize we have all the time before us to discover each other, I can’t help but see there are feelings that I must express to you. Since we have begun discovering each other, my entire reality has evolved. This being said, I feel deep respect towards the power of this love.

Our love is nothing to be taken lightly. You and I both have one attempt at experiencing this life in the human form that we are currently encapsulated by. Yet our souls chose each other in this time and space to dance the dance of infinite love. I believe that it is only fair to both of us that we take the time to examine ourselves inward to make sure that we have created a safe place for each other’s hearts.

As I keep using the word love, I also feel that it may be important for me to express exactly what I mean when using this word.

By pure definition love is a feeling of deep attachment. But that is only a definition made by our society to limit the limitless. Love of course is so much more. It is in our DNA. Our human form can only conceptualize love—address simple words to this feeling.

Love is infinite and pure. You and I are both created by love. I believe that we are put on this earth to break free of the limitations of darkness and return to the brightest reflection of love that we can embody. We have been created from the purest form of love and someday we will return to this.

We are taught in this world that love is only a feeling that we can extract through certain relationships and events. This isn’t true. Love is in everything. Each flower that blooms before us, each bird that flies above.

Creation is love and we are all creations of this loving Universe therefore the essence of our being is pure love. Our lives purpose in the simplest form is to love. Love through creation. We are each put on this planet with a gift, whether it be internal or external. That gift is our expression of love.

I can go on to explain that love is many other things. It is putting a smile on someone’s face, it is following your heart’s purpose, it is being vulnerable. Love is setting your ego aside and not being afraid of your hearts sensitivities. Love is following your dreams. Love is the strength to rise above what has tried to hold you down, to remove the blindfold, to open your heart and mind to a new reality. Love is accepting the pain and finding beauty in the sacrifices. Love is looking at everyone around you following the same path and saying fuck that. It is taking a risk to go in a direction where others may judge you. It is admitting that you are not okay and reaching out for help. It is the bravery that pokes its head out from it’s shell to face the world head on.

When you are are living “in love” there is no putting on a front. Love is not being hard on yourself when everything goes to sh*t, it is being gentle on yourself. In yoga there is a simple rule: do not cause harm to others, do not cause harm to yourself. By doing this you are not acting in love to others or to yourself. We must remember here again, that our lives purpose is to love.

Then there is us and the love that we have fallen upon—our unique song.

Our love is a declaration of our souls. Our love is not what we have to offer each other, it is not our skills or talents. What brought us together is beyond all forms of ego—it is our desire to cultivate our love within one another.

Much like a seed that we have planted within each others hearts, we must take special care to give this seedling the proper attention and nurturing to allow it to grow. We must realize the more vulnerable we are, the closer to love we are and therefore must be gentle to each others’ hearts.

While our paths have come together, we have both been on separate journeys and therefore at this point we may not see eye to eye. But remember that behind the ego that we both disguise ourselves with is a being of pure love. The more we act on this love, nourish this seed of love, the closer to unity we become. I believe that at a fundamental level, through loving you I am showing my devotion to Universe. I am showing my gratitude for my existence. I am creating what we were created from. Our love is creation. Each day with each word, touch, motion, thought – we are creating love. So I ask you—how are we tending to that seed? Do we we give it the proper nurturing? Will our flower bloom into pure beauty? We must be careful with our words and actions if we wish to continue this sacred bond.

I am so grateful for our chance meeting. It is incredible the power that one person can have over someone’s entire life. I have learned that among many other valuable lessons since the day you walked up behind me.

It is beautiful to watch two universes collide and I am humbled by the opportunity to share this dance with you. I hope that you value these words. I hope that I am projecting myself in a way that rings to your vibration.

I pose these thoughts only as a mirror for you to stand in front of, as I have done myself.

I have so much respect for the power that you hold within. I honor your being. I love you.


Author: Katiel Gray

Author: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Iloveart Iloveart/Flickr

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