December 29, 2015

This New Year’s, Scrap the Ridiculous Diet Plan & Do This Instead.


I’m hoping that love handles make a comeback.

Not that they necessarily had a time to shine, per se, but I’m holding out hope that someday they will come into style.

Every time period glorifies certain body types. The renaissance celebrated the full body, the Victorian era praised a cinched waist, and the millennium acclaims the Kardashian booty.

My body type is slightly elongated with a slim stomach and firm fat on my sides—the oh so dreaded “love handles.”

With sleek silhouette dresses and crop tops, I’m definitely not this generation’s idea of “the ideal body type.”

However, that doesn’t bother me. The truth is that I rather like my extra weight.

I think my love handles are cute.

When I’m naked, I feel good. I feel happy and sexy—and because I feel this way, I look good too.

It’s not my body that is the problem. It’s the media’s perspective on what makes a body beautiful. It’s society perpetuating that there is an “ideal body type.”

There’s no perfect form.

Our bodies are beautiful, as is. It’s time we all recognize that.

This video has made the rounds, but it’s a healthy reminder. Before you start your new year with a ridiculous weight goal or diet plan, play this video it may inspire you to praise your own unique attributes.

Don’t think about what others consider to be the best body type—think back on your life and when you’ve felt the healthiest and happiest. Consider what is best for you health wise. It’s okay to improve your nutrition in the New Year if you think that there are areas that you are lacking, but don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t lost that 15 lbs. you’ve been waiting your whole life to lose.

Your body type may not be magazine-cover flawless, but your flaws can be the ideal body type for you.

You are beautiful, and it’s high time you knew it.


Bonus video:



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Author: Brittany Ann Bandemer

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Flickr/Emily 


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