December 19, 2015

U.S. Christmas Spending Visualized—in Real Time.

Merry Christmas

When the holidays come around, the dollar signs start adding up.

Finding that perfect gift for our special someone or our best friend isn’t always a piece of cake so we find ourselves fighting crowds. Have you ever stood in line and wondered just how much everyone is spending? There’s the guy who just bought a $50 gift card for his girlfriend, the mom who buys new outfits for each of her four kids, the restaurant filled to the brim with holiday work parties and of course, the traffic.

What if we could break it down? How many Christmas trees are people buying every second? How much eggnog do we drink? How about turkeys or Christmas cards?

Coupon Box created a graphic to amaze us and provide some fun Christmas facts.

We can watch the different sections increase by the second. In just two minutes, Americans have spent nearly $2 million on gifts, food, and other holiday expenses. We have also purchased more than 2,000 Christmas trees.

It goes with out saying, that we love the festivities of Christmas, and it certainly hurts our wallets, but in the end, the Christmas spirit is everywhere. Spirits are lifted and kindness abounds.

Look at the graphic below to see all the categories and watch the numbers rack up.

Source: Couponbox.com



Author: Daniel Stearns

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr/ Dianne Lacourciere

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