January 20, 2016

A Fracture in the Sky. {Poem}


A driven light can break the ink that shields the eye.
A fracture in the sky can start a revolution.

Stones will speak if we listen,
Mountains will cry if we let them.

But there is no song that grows without a seed,
And there is no wheel that turns on its own.

One chord can open the floodgates,
And trace a melody through islands of notes.

Discord can unravel with a single breath,
Dissonance dissolves with love.

But there is no river that runs up a mountain,
And no work that will not crumble to dust.

Somehow it is all strung together,
The soft and hard,
The high and low,
The front and back,
The light and shadow.

And it moves in a single piece
And falls with a single shot.

Somewhere is a lever long enough
To lift the world on its axis.

For there is a spark in the infinite darkness
That will one day become a star.



Author: Theo Horesh

Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/epSos.de

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