January 16, 2016

Make Her Feel Like a Goddess.

Katia Romanova/Flickr

You know that you love her, she knows that you love her—

And she loves you passionately in return.

She adores you more than she adores a chocolate bar with caramel-coated almonds and sweet, chewy raspberries in the center.

She thinks you’re freakin’ magnificent, all the way down to your juicy core—because you are.

And this woman, this magical woman—she has completely captured your heart. Yet, she holds it so gently, like a tender flower blossom—ever-unfolding, ever-growing, in the palm of her hand. She does not force or hold too tightly or crush your fluttering wings. She lets you be. She lets you rise and fall in your own way, like an ancient ocean tide.

She loves you, just as you are.

This woman, this magical woman—she soothes your pain just by smiling, just by tracing her fingertips along your scalp and kissing your forehead gently. Her touch is healing, soft as a whisper, as powerful as roaring fire, addictive as liquid sugar.

And yet, sometimes—you just don’t know how to express the river of mouthwatering feelings that swim in your heart like a thousand crimson red rose petals dipped in sticky strawberry jam and honey.

Sometimes words just don’t cut it. They fail to express the magic in your heart.

So, go deeper—honor her.

Yes, take a little time to honor this lovely lady in your life—make her feel like a goddess.

‘Cause even though she knows she’s a goddess—she forgets. She gets sad—and scared—and caught up in swirling seas of never-ending to-do lists and black clouds of insecurities.

The most beautiful act of love is to remind someone who they really are.

So remind her of her power, her beauty, her freakin’ delicious soul. Remind her of the sacred searing fire that burns wildly inside her.

Honor her.

Honor her with small, heartfelt actions that aren’t small, at all.

Make her feel like a goddess.

Wake up early on a Sunday morning, with sleep staining your eyes like tender curls of smoke, and make her coffee, bacon and eggs. Let the delicious smell of breakfast cooking travel, like magic, to the bedroom door and wake her gently.

Surprise her with sunflowers—or, gather a little bouquet of wildflowers you hand-picked in a sun-soaked meadow on your way home from work.

Give her your time, your undivided attention, your deepest presence—

Yes, look into her eyes and see all of her.

See her beauty, her pain, her terror, her strength, her hidden wounds—and don’t say a thing. Just acknowledge her, for all she is. Appreciate her, not for what she does—but for who she is.

Hold her in a delicious embrace and don’t let go. Just this once—don’t let go. Keep holding until she melts into you, like a spoonful of nutella mixing with peanut butter in a combination so delicious, it’s lethal—and it lingers wonderfully on your tastebuds for hours afterward.

Take her hand proudly in public. Let the world know that she’s yours.

Leave little notes in the most unexpected places—like in her shoes. Or on her computer. Or in the pocket of her favorite old jeans, the ones that make her legs look luscious and strong.

Give her a long, delicious back rub, and savor the feeling of helping her relax and breathe—without expecting sex, or anything—in return.

Kiss her with every ounce of passion in your body, letting it ooze out of your lips like succulent red flames. Let your kiss speak for you, let it tell her how much you love her, that when you look into her eyes, a thousand white lilies bloom inside your heart.

Encourage her to soar, to go off and wander freely on her own—for you know how badly her wild soul needs solo time to spread her wings in delicious folds of silky-soft solitude.

Listen with tender ears when she rips open her heart, reveals her tenderness and spills a river of tears on your chest.

Listen closely when she tells you what she needs. Listen even more closely when she’s silent—too afraid to tell you what she needs. That empty, sad, fearful silence is the most important thing to hear, of all.

Make her feel like a goddess.

Dance with her. Spin her, dip her—oh, and twirl her—twirl her ’till she smiles wildly, ’til her face lights up, ’til her eyes shine like stars.

Take in the fiery softness of her femininity with every cell in your soul and let it shock you, let it move you like a symphony of shadow and light, stardust and chaos, a carousel of heartbreakingly beautiful teary-eyed smiles.

And yes, she will take in your magnificence, like a zig-zagging snow-capped mountaintop, filled with smooth rocks and hearty spruce trees and a gorgeous golden sprinkling of pure sunshine and bright yellow wildflowers.

Honor her—make her feel like a goddess.

Let her know that she takes your breath away, just by existing.



Will You? {Poem}


Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Katia Romanova

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