January 5, 2016

She was Free. {Poem}


I knew her before what she called

Love, was lost.

Before the paradigm shattered

and with it

all that seemed to matter to her.

Who was that girl?
A freedom being,

genius in essence;

uncompromisingly her.
She moved with light steps

on quicksand

sinking not an inch

in who and how to be

instead a tease for Temptation itself;

a Wanderess who followed not

and lead without calling.
She led those drawn to her


the way a patch of grass

begs one to lay and look at the stars

and be peaceful in knowing nothing.
She had no need to know—

the embodiment of trust

whose laugh cast doubt to the wind,

a heart impenetrable by fear.
She was not afraid of Love,

rather marvelled at its unfolding,

immediate in her response,

insatiable in her giving.
She was not concerned with time,

nor a victim to vicious control,

she was at ease learning—

curious yet wise,

a collector of lessons

and a creator of adventures.
She was fascinated by Life

and lived to feel and be,

to see and be seen.
She did not see it coming:

expectation stole

her from presence

and fear settled in, replacing love,

repressing. Taming.
That girl is me:

a woman fiercely piecing herself together,

remembering myself,

unstrangling her heart,

expanding in capacity for and relearning to trust in Love,



in full belief that while we lose ourselves

at times in Love,

we find it, truer still, within

—and are set free again.



Relephant Favorite:

What Happens When we Bare our Souls.


Author: Tiffany Anderson

Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/Giuseppe Milo

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