January 5, 2016

The Ancestors Speak Through our Passion. {Adult}


When I gently kissed your fingers, lingering my tongue briefly on each and then slowly and softly sucked each one.

When you said, “That made me instantly hard”.

When I gently kissed your body, working my way down your gorgeous torso, wrapped in silk which only the Mediterranean can produce, centuries of bathing in olive oil seeping it’s way permanently into the fabric of our skins.

When I kissed your hard penis, explored the hidden crevices with my tongue, when I let it slip down and nestle in the recesses of my throat, engulfed in warmth and love. And when you gently held my head while entering an unfamiliar dimension of pleasure, allowing me in to share your inner, sacred, sensory world.

Every second felt glorious to me, totally present, with every sense awake—loving you.

The first night, when you played my body like a master musician awakening every cell, responding to every move. Yes the wine may have been talking, but I was overcome—overcome with the desire to contain you, to merge with you, to become more than the sum of our parts.

My attempts to hold back and resist a full letting go were met with a gentle insistence: A confidence, a surety, that we should be one. It was primal, raw and yet we resisted, held back, scared we might lose ourselves in something which would overwhelm us; something there would be no escape from. Something we could not see, fathom, understand or control.

What ever is going on is bigger than the both of us, more powerful than you or I. We have become something we were not before. We are made whole by a love which moves through us. An entity made up of the best of us, of the meeting of our ancestors, the dreams and passions of our forefathers and mothers.

It is they who are loving through us, reaching out through the ages to satisfy passions which have been aching for generations. Our senses brought alive by the aromas of the same spices, oils and concoctions—infusions which have been brewing for millennia. They speak through us and are exulted in our actions to maintain pleasure, freedom and love in the world.

We awake in each other something which has been long asleep. It is not for you or I to label it, control it, deny it, repress it, ignore it. Nor indeed, hold it, chase after it, or smother it with desires for anything other than being in each moment—being present with as much love, respect, reverence, freedom and gratitude that this energy requests as it courses through us for a time.



Discovering Embodied Sex & Soul: One Man’s Journey. {Adult}

Author: Ianthe Necta

Editor: Erin Lawson

Images: Flickr/Keith Tyler  //  Wikimedia Commons/ Okc~commonswiki

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