January 21, 2016

The Force Awakens: a Spiritual Seekers Pure Gold.

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Hollywood just might be “awakening.”

I didn’t expect it, nor did I go looking for it, but the spiritual inspiration I found in the new Star Wars movie caused me to buy another ticket last night and go and see it again.

Which of us yoga mat touting, truth seeking, environmentally-minded revolutionaries doesn’t know a thing or two about the ultimate fight we each face when reaching towards the light?

My fascination with the classic spiritual struggle between the dark and the light sides of our being was incredibly quenched last night, in a darkened theatre surrounded by hundreds of other movie revellers. We were each wearing our awkward, one-size-fits-all, 3D glasses placed intently on our focused faces, while we drank in the teachings on the screen just as hungrily as we did our overly priced and underly carbonated Coca-Colas.

I had to hold myself back from giggling as I looked around the room and saw people receiving similar messages  to those that I have heard so many spiritual teachers say. Could it be true, is popular culture waking up? If my fellow movie-goers could groove with these themes, surely this means they are understanding them—even if just a little—in their own lives too.

Just as I was contemplating this massive realization that our world just might be at the cusp of some huge transformation—and that of all the unlikely places I was being shown this was at the new Star Wars movie—I heard this quote blasted out on the surround sound speakers:

“There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?”   ~ Snoke


Did one of the main antagonists—the man that was supposed to represent the worst evil in all the galaxy—actually just say this?

Hearing him, I became just like the sole of my left shoe, which was stuck to the pop-soaked concrete below me—I was suddenly glued to this very spot.

There has indeed been an awakening—and yes, Snoke, I have felt it too…

I have been feeling that our collective trust in our light has been rapidly increasing in the last few years. So much so, that like the battle in Star Wars, there are many of us that are no longer willing to be conquered by what is dark. We are becoming increasingly courageous, and we are facing our fears, old beliefs and prejudices.

As a people, we can see this in our fighting back for the healing of our own earth, for the equality of the humans and animals that live on it and for the evolution of our own hearts and minds.

There are freedom fighters present among us, and seeing the popularity and acceptance of this movie by the mass public has caused me to think that our society is getting closer to becoming primarily run by them. The “Resistance” we have each been working on in our own lives is making a difference.

Look around and notice how things have changed. How we can have conversations with each other about mindfulness and how this no longer seems out of place. We can open up to a friend about the forces inside of us—forces that we feel of good and evil—and we have even built a cultural vocabulary that supports us in doing this.

How else could a Hollywood movie, based on a spiritual concept become so popular, if in fact, we were not becoming more conscious? Whether Hollywood is changing to adapt to our level of awakening because it cares about profits, or if they are doing this because they are wanting to help us evolve, doesn’t really matter. The fact that we can find inspiration for an enlightened society from a pop-culture movie does matter though.

I left the theatre last night thinking: were the creators of the new Star Wars movie writers—or were they actually spiritual teachers in disguise? It gave me hope that a movie that is reaching millions of adults and children could be so focused on spreading the concept that we each have a powerful force for change within ourselves.

Once we begin to wake up to the innate strength for good we each have, there is no turning back. We are all working on becoming “Jedis”—harnessing our energy to increase the light in our galaxy. What our world needs right now is our support. When we connect to the power that is at the center of us all, it becomes an easy decision to then join together as freedom fighters.

I am willing to be part of the “Resistance.” How about you?

Thank you Star Wars—you are this spiritual seeker’s pure gold.



On Star Wars & Accepting our Own “Dark Side.”


Author: Sarah Norrad

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/L Eaton

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