February 20, 2016

A Poem to Release Our Wild Power.

Courtesy of Author, Callie Maggiori

I sat in front of a giant painting of the Hindu goddess Kali one evening, engaging with a group of travelers, when someone whispered to me, “Hello goddess.”

Was he talking to me?

Nope, I convinced myself he must be referring to the painting.

Did my discomfort suggest I was disconnected from the feminine spirit?

The vibrations of that comment echoed in my mind and expanded inside of me. Those words never left me—opened me up and set me on fire that night—but it wasn’t until years later I found her within.

I unleashed her with all my awareness and stillness from behind a door deep inside. A door that was closed by all the messages I received about being a woman from the time I was a child.

Now free, she leads sisters to the map and key that unlock their brilliance from within.

Young women today are subjected to betrayals of the feminine, and continue to be told they don’t deserve a choice, a voice or to be beautiful.

The feminine power is withheld, locked away or forbidden; it sings, let us be wild, let us be natural, let us be free.

As we shift to new paths and definitions of what it means to be a woman, and as each woman stands tall in her power, we give another permission to do the same.

A Map & a Key to the Feminine Divine.

She runs through an open field on a cold day followed by a warm glow.
She felt a spark.
She feels it growing, stirring inside.

No direction just a sense to free her soul—
A soul that’s been shamed into beliefs that she’s not worthy enough.
(That includes the usual, not pretty, thin, rich, connected or cool enough.)
She has a collection of quite a few by now, starting at age two.

Feet pounding dirt.
Emotional imprisonments of an entire lifetime releasing with each step.
Frightened because she realized she had the key all along.
Angry that someone told her otherwise.
That the answers were someplace outside her.
(Like in fashion magazines, shopping malls and under surgeons’ knives.)
Somewhere she couldn’t get to, because she wasn’t worthy enough.

How did she find the key?
She followed a map someone handed her while she was dreaming.
Followed it to a place deep within and stayed in the uncomfortable darkness for a while.
Surfaced as her third eye cracked wide open.

Now awake.
She’s running wild.
She’s on fire.
Blazing straight toward her truth, passion and purpose.

Author: Callie Maggiori

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Author’s Own 


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Read 1 comment and reply

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