February 29, 2016

Be like Water.


“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like water if you put water in the cup it becomes the cup and water can flow or it can crash.” ~ Bruce Lee


Has any person ever wished for life to be different than it is? For the circumstances to be something other than what they are? For people to show up in ways other than how they have?

Ever wish somebody would just see and understand—would just move forward and be at peace?

Why not be such a person?

Life offers fantastic surprises—many of them beautiful and some of them terrifying. Each person comes from a different set of childhood circumstances, education, experiences and relationship dynamics. Everybody responds in their own way to what is happening now.

There are few options when people and life do not show up as one would hope.

Has it ever worked to change a person? Manipulate an environment? Control a circumstance?

When has being critical, judgmental and abusive improved anything?

Has changing yourself worked? Who is changing who, and what is changing?

Is there a time when negative dialogue—either internal with the mind or external with the mouth—has ever improved a circumstance?

Wouldn’t it be easier to be graciously responsive to ones environment and the circumstances and people in it?

Could liberty be found in being such an individual?

To oneself and others?

How may one flow around this difficult person, circumstance or feeling?

This too shall pass.

With an empty mind accept this moment, be formless and flow onward.


Author: Keith Artisan 

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/Walter-Wilhelm

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