Be My Yoga Valentine.

Via Julie Murphy
on Feb 13, 2016
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Valentine’s Day can conjure up feelings or thoughts that are far removed from the original intention of this day.

Depending on our perspective, February 14 might create forced expectations of the most romantic, love-filled time with our sweetheart, plus a non-stop flow of red emoji hearts and roses leaping off our cell phone screen.

However we experience Valentine’s Day, here’s how I choose to see this Day of Cupid differently, beyond the Hallmark sales and florist profits.

Yoga is a celebration of the heart and most yoga philosophy tells us that Love is the source of everything—a Supreme Consciousness that is present in everything. This suggests we can choose to recognize love in many places—in the exquisite sound of music, the power of a Pasodoble dance, the way a sunrise cracks the sky open with brilliant light and vibrant colors, the kindness of strangers who expect nothing in return, the times that nature is so spectacular it takes our breath away and renders us speechless.

When we’re able to recognize love in these ways, suddenly, we can see love everywhere. The immense love that is the kernel of everything, that reveals itself every time we feel a flicker of tenderness, affection, gratitude, joy or compassion. This approach to observing life through a filter of a grand love, will either fuel the furnace we already feel inside, or it will create a spark and start to fill a void, if that place has been somewhat neglected or empty lately.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, if we look around us with the belief that love is everywhere, we’ll notice that there is already an abundance of love in our lives.

Be my yoga valentine by noticing that the power and presence of love is endless. Then, treat yourself to a bright and beautiful bunch of flowers and celebrate the love and life within you. Fall in love with life. Because that, I’m sure, is the ultimate celebration of the heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Author: Julie Murphy

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

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About Julie Murphy

Julie was lured into yoga in South Africa in the 80’s, where it was disguised as a stretch class. Many Om’s later, she merged The Fired-up Business Warrior with The Peaceful Yogini, as yoga became her blueprint for living a healthier, happier life. Her most humbling yoga Zing! is guiding Yoga Nidra and seeing the powerful effects of this ancient practice. When she’s not immersed in yoga, writing and photography, you may find her lying on the couch; sipping fermented grape juice, eating chocolate and watching Dancing With The Stars (true confession). Connect with Julie on her blog and on Instagram.



11 Responses to “Be My Yoga Valentine.”

  1. Anon says:

    If you've never "experienced Julie"…well, you've never explored where you're body and mind can go. Unreal.

  2. EGS South Africa says:

    How true. In this world of consumerism you feel obliged to go and purchase some heart-shaped object from a trader and
    send it with a red rose to somebody you want to make an impression on. As you correctly point out, love is something much
    more meaningful, deep, abstract, strong and genuinely felt and it has nothing to do with commerce. For that matter every day is Valentine's Day. It' s up to you to capitalise on it.

  3. Yes! Love is all these things you describe. We can evoke feelings of red roses and heart-shaped happiness at any time; simply by noticing, giving, and receiving love. To your love-filled week ahead!

  4. Caterina says:

    Loved this!! So true! I don't really believe in Valentine's Day but I spent the day drinking champagne and eating sushi, feeling the abundance of love in the form of good friends and great stories told around the table.

  5. Michele says:

    I was lucky enough to spend part of the day in Julie's Yoga Nidra guided relaxation class and a wonderful gift to myself! xoxoxo

  6. Sounds like the kind of Valentine's Day I'd like to gatecrash!

  7. Simultaneously blushing and delighted to see this high praise! Thank you 🙂

  8. Michele, thanks for adding your smiling face and shining spirit to my Valentine's Day!

  9. Elaine says:

    My mom used to say everyday is Mother's Day as we were blessed to have each other every day! So, I feel the same about Valentine's Day, everyday is a day to give and receive love from people and beauty all around us, as Julie so well expresses in her writing and photography. Thanks for sharing your many talents with us Julie, and of course your Yoga Nidra classes fill our bellies and hearts with love!! Namaste.

  10. So true, Elaine. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Earth Day – they're all great chances for a collective consciousness on one particular day, and yet we can also choose them as daily thoughts/intentions. It's as if the annual celebrations are condensed and concentrated forms of acknowledgement, while the daily sentiments can become a lifestyle choice. Thank you for reading, thank you for the kind words, and thank you for sharing Yoga Nidra and other yoga happiness with me! Namaste.

  11. Nice post Julie. Loving yourself and your life is a beautiful way to practice yoga.