February 5, 2016

Dear Women, We Are Not Here to Compete. {Poem}


Sometimes, I feel like I’m competing with the women in my life.

Competing for love, attention, admiration and recognition.

Competing to be the one who looks the best that day—so that I am loved, paid attention, admired and recognized.

I know that this is crazy-making. I know that I don’t actually want to be in competition with women, or with anyone for that matter. But I still feel the energy creeping in from time to time.

Of course, I still want to experience love and attention and admiration and recognition.

But I have realized that there is more than enough of these quality experiences for all of us. We don’t need to compete to acquire them.

The energy of competition comes from a place of lack. It comes from a place of not enough.

I’ve chosen to shift this core limiting belief of the world into a core truth that there is more than enough for all of us. There is enough love, enough attention, enough admiration and enough recognition. There is enough of everything for all of us!

I don’t just believe this; I know this as truth.

I’ve come to realize that life is better when we cooperate rather than compete. In all areas of our lives—in love, business, reaching our goals and achieving our dreams.

When we shift out of competition and into an energy of cooperation, we are creating the space for magic to happen. We are creating the space to support and be supported. We are showing up for each other in love.

When we move away from competing, we start to see that the love we seek from outside is readily available from the inside. When we move into cooperation, we see that the whole universe is conspiring to give us just what we need and humbly desire. We start to feel and know the truth of our connection to universal love. We are the love we seek.

I was recently creatively inspired to share these feelings in a poetic manner.

May you be blessed with a new or strengthened relationship with cooperation as you read the following words.

Dear Women of the World,

We are not here to compete.

We are here to take the notion of competition and make it obsolete.
There is more than enough love to share between the hearts and souls of all.
And this love that I speak of is standing tall in our own sense of self-worth.
This love is the love we can feel when we open to the abundance of our sprits co-existing.
We are spiritual in nature and physical in matter.
We are able to connect to the source and see that there is enough love in this universe for both you and me.

We can drop the thoughts that arise out of fear; they are doing nothing but creating our own demise.
Drop the lies we’ve told ourselves and had battered into our minds.
Drop the idea that we must fight for the right to be loved and cherished and treated like the divine beings that we are.
We must remember, right now, to start seeing ourselves and each other as one another.
We have all been born with the light in our hearts that is itself true love.
We are here to share this blessed opportunity that is so rare.
To step away from separation into true unity.
I remind you!

We are not here to compete.

We are here to take the notion of competition and make it obsolete.
We are here to stand—hand upon hand upon hand.
Giving and receiving, in perfect balance with the universal forces of this star creation.
We are here to sit, arm in arm, in arm, in arm.
Re-framing the picture in our minds to blur the lines of yours and mine.
We are here to love with all that our hearts have to give.
To live in harmony and bliss.
I choose to seal myself to this fate with a tender kiss.
I choose to relate with a sense that there is indeed enough love to go around.

I choose to stand upon this ground and feel the love that pulses forth from the Earth herself.
I choose love.

That is the choice that I have made.
I’ve lain in the sweet embrace of universal love.


Author: Morgan Leigh Callison

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Tom Godber/Flickr


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Read 4 comments and reply

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