February 16, 2016

Finding your Purpose: The Journey Unfolds.


Most of my early years of life had been plagued with the question: What is my purpose for being here? I am uncertain if this question makes everyone as miserable as it has me, but I was born with this feeling that I had a purpose.

The trouble was that I had no way of finding or figuring out what it was. All I knew was that I had a purpose and try as hard as I might, I was not yet living it. I was born for something else, something where I could add value to the world by just being me, in my essence. And finally I feel like I am there!

So why did it take so long?

The problem about finding your purpose is that you don’t find it unless you are ready to live it and be it. Purpose means something that is divinely inspired and is entirely positive. This purpose has nothing to do with what our ego desires and wants. Our true purpose always involves giving. I would go a step further to say that it is not even about giving, but instead about serving.

Serving the world that you are born in, serving the people, doing everything in your power to help anyone and everyone that comes your way. The way in which you serve may vastly differ—one could be serving by finding new cures of diseases as a scientist, one could be helping people by being an energy healer, or one could be a teacher, empowering people through education. Many people could also be doing these same things without it being their purpose. The difference is that the ones who are living their purpose will be much more inspired, motivated and passionate about what they do and therefore have greater impact.

For us to be to have the ability to unconditionally give and serve, we need to go through a purification process. At least I find this true for finding and living my purpose. We could be born purified (in which case one has gone through the purification already), but a lot of us are not. This purification or awakening process is designed to ensure that anything that is part of us, which does not serve our higher purpose will have to be dropped, will have to be let go, will have to be detached from. This is the tough part…

This cleansing process is taking place when our body, mind and spirit is learning to be of unconditional service. It is painful, it is heart wrenching and it is challenging. For so long we have identified with our ego mind, that the breaking our attachment to that personality with its ego wants and desires, is the toughest thing to do.

The interim period is the balancing act of trying to live a life which becomes a mixture of the old you and the new you. During this process, if we are doing work that is not in alignment with who we are becoming, we will face road block after road block, and no matter how hard we try, real success will not come. If we survive this transformation period, we are certain to be uplifted—mind, body and soul.

On my journey, I found that before embarking on my purpose (which is to assist people to become their best selves), I needed to have a comprehensive and experiential understanding of key universal concepts…some of which are listed below:

1. Unconditional love and detachment: Yes, these are intricately related concepts. Unconditional love is loving someone/everyone with no expectations of receiving something in return. This requires detachment from our personal desires and is probably the hardest of all learning.

2. Self-love and its counter-energy narcissism. To love someone else unconditionally without judgement, first requires us to do the same to ourselves. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love another. Narcissism, on the other hand, is the opposite of self love and is a complete lack of love for oneself and others. Lack of self-love draws narcissists to the person suffering from lack so that—hopefully—a lesson can be learned.

3. Free-will and its counter energy control. As an energy healer and an empath, I can receive information about people which is very personal. If one does not understand or accept the concept of free-will and responsible power, one can have a selfish tendency to misuse it. Having dealt with an energy healer/narcissist who was parading around as a guru while manipulating energy, inducing fear and dependency in her following, gave me one of my hardest initiations. Using energy to manipulate people (mind control is just that) is one of the worst possible impositions on free-will. This great learning taught me what not to do with energy as I became more adept with handling it.

4. Forgiveness, and the counter energies of anger and hatred. All too often, we feel a sense of entitlement to hold on to our anger and hatred for others when they have done something obviously despicable. The reality is that unless you forgive everyone—and I mean everyone—who has ever harmed you, you have not really forgiven yourself. Unconditional love for self calls for unconditional forgiveness for yourself and others too.

5. Last but not the least, we need discernment to differentiate illusion from truth. For this we need a connection with our higher self and to learn to have faith and trust in ourselves. I always had a strong intuitive sense about many things, however, because of a lack of self love, I was afraid to put my full faith and trust in my intuition, giving my power away, more often than not. Of the many tests and trials, this one was one I had to go through many times, and every time the lesson got harder.

If you are here for a higher purpose, you will have to go through important life lessons and initiations which are designed to help you understand each of these core principles. And as your purpose unfolds, you can see clearly how every experience, no matter how miserable it was, fulfilled the purpose of teaching you something and has led you to become the person that you are today.

I have been helped, through this process by many a great Saints and their teachings and for that I am humbled and grateful.

My self transformation is not over for sure, as this is a continuous process, but I believe that I have arrived at that place, been through enough of a purification, where I am ready to start living my higher purpose.




Author: Jasrin Singh

Editor: Travis May

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