February 4, 2016

Out of the Vaulted Blue.

Antarctic iceberg

Out of the vaulted-blue,
The quiet kiss that slips into silence.
The aqua-cool of fractures touch,
The wintergreen that winds these limbs
And knots the hairs that bind us here.

Out of the vaulted blue,
Arrows like silver-streaks stream to the sun,
Vapors like cloud-mist reach to the light,
Bubbles bursting, fingertips searching,
Skies of infinitude break with sublime.

The crest of a wave that settles too soon,
The dying of the light that drowns in the moon,
Starstruck, sundered, open to the firmament
Singing to a seascape Parliament of Stars.

This world is a wave,
This heart is a dewdrop,
This poem is a message
That’s cast in a song.
Out of the showers,
The living spires,
The ice-church eyes
That open like flowers.

We are born to a rhapsody,
Children of catastrophe,
Ecstasy of heart-streams
Rising from God’s eye,
We are birthed from a rainbow,
Bred on an airflow,
Lifting on a current,
Now settling with love.

This arch on which we make our homes
Will one day fall to the sea’s rough tumult.
But for a moment this turquoise serenity
Might carry us out of the vaulted blue.

Out of the vaulted blue.

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Author: Theo Horesh

Editor: Travis May

Image: Courtesy of Author

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