February 18, 2016

The Evolution of the Soul. {Poem}

Peter John Maridable/Unsplash

You never see it coming.

The darkness,

it washes over you—

leaving you paralyzed,

leaving you in fear.

You summon up all the light you have inside,

trying to drown out the dark.

You’re running on empty.

You feel helpless.

You feel desperate.

You keep searching.

You see a speck of light.

Running to capture it,

it rests in your hands for a moment

and goes out.

Devastated, you cry.

As you open your eyes you find there is more light in the distance.

You walk toward it this time,

fearing it will disappear.

It opens up and bathes you with its warmth.

Scared, you look around

trying to keep the light around you.

As time goes by, you feel more confident,

more deserving.

You see darkness in the distance now.

You avoid it.

You stay with the light.

Years have gone by

and the light has grown brighter,

but it doesn’t shine from the outside.

It comes from inside you.

You are the love,

the warmth,

the light.


Author: Deanna Ward

Editor: Nicole Cameron

Image: Peter John Maridable/Unsplash

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Read 4 comments and reply

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