February 18, 2016

The Point in Life: It Might Not Be What We Think It Is.

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Recently I had a conversation with someone about what the meaning of life is.

Some of us (including me) can easily fall into a depression when thinking “what is the point in this life?

This feeling of depression and feeling of being defeated normally gets triggered by seeing and hearing about all these horrible things happening in the world today. Normally I don’t ever elaborate on those because I do not want to focus any energy on those negative things. I feel that focusing on them just gives that negativity more power.

I am talking about the crime we see on the news and hear on the radio and the abuse humankind is inflicting on each other and on Mother Earth. The reality of it all hits home—that things like this have always been happening and so probably will continue to happen.

This makes me wonder why?

What is the point of being here if this is what is happening. Personally, it makes me sick.

We feel like we are stuck here in this terrible place and then when we pass away on to wherever we go (depending on what you believe in.) Does it even matter? This can make a person very depressed and that causes other things like anxiety, anger and all sorts of other emotions, which in turn may result in more negative actions. That’s a vicious cycle, if you ask me.

We try and make ourselves feel better about this all and use things like materialism and work, or like in my case, substance abuse. Which as you, know does not really help the situation either—-it might make it even worse. Again, another vicious cycle.

So how do we overcome this feeling of helplessness? Is there a way of getting over it? The most asked question always comes to mind; what is the meaning of life?

The way I have learned to stop myself from falling into that realm of confusion, helplessness and depression (and from being part of the vicious cycle) is this: connectivity.

We are all connected.

I think about all the people in my life who are positive and good and who love me. This then reminds me that if I have people like this surrounding me, then there are obviously a lot more other people out there who are just like these positive people I have been blessed to have in my life.

So even though there are “bad” people out there—there are a lot of “good” people out there too. And this in turn makes me feel better about the world. We need to get out of our little box of selfishness (ego) and remember that there are a lot of other people out there experiencing the same things we are experiencing (in their own way) and that we are not the only person on this earth/in this universe.

Look back on your life and remember all the good things you have done and all the things you have achieved. Also look back on your mistakes and remember how you overcame those mistakes and obstacles which helped you to become a better person. Doing this will help you to build on what you already have achieved so far in this lifetime.

Each time you feel there is no point look back at what you have already achieved, remember how these things have made your world—and in turn another person’s experience of you and their world better.

It helps to remember that everything is connected. Everything you do will in turn affect another person. The more positive your actions, the more positive the effect will be on not only yourself or the person you are directly connected to but the rest of the world too! This is the point.

Yes we are all tiny little specks in this big world we live in but everything we do has cause and effect. We can all make a huge difference in this world we live in.

Getting all upset and angry about feeling that there is no point in this life is selfish and egotistical.

Even though we might think that locking ourselves up in our rooms sulking or smoking that joint or walking around moping is not affecting anyone—we are wrong. There are people in our lives connected to us and everything we do and the way we treat ourselves (not only others) will affect the people in our life. Even if it is just one person.

I know that we can’t always be happy and spirited with a spring in our step all the time—that would just make us feel like we are living in Teletubbies. The point is to remember that we are all connected, and to remember that our actions are affecting others and in turn the world.

Sit with that negativity you are feeling, feel the emotions and work through it— and then overcome it, because in my experience, this is the point.


Author: Doné Barnard

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

Photo: Joshua Clay / Unsplash 

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