This Love’s Story. {Poem}

Via Allison Rose Phelan
on Feb 14, 2016
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This love does not f*ck around.

This love is ruthless.

This love is profound.

This love will take every single fear, complex, mechanism and flaw that we have and rip it up by the roots from the ground

of our souls.

This love leaves no holes,

filling back up every single crack.

This love takes no prisoners.

This love has our back.

This love finds the wounds and quickly attacks

any infection, poison, decay or doubt.

As we both scream in agony, writhing about,

this love finds the weaknesses;

this love gets them out.

This love brings the flood.

This love brings the drought.

This love lets our blood.

This love makes our house.

This love allows no baggage;

there’s simply no room.

this love is our salvation,

This love elevates us from doom.

This love makes us more and more who we want and need to be.

This love helps us breathe.

This love helps us see.

This love forever fuses us.

This love sets us free.

This love mirrors.

This love is honest.

This love is me. This love is you.

This love is the most powerful.

This love is the most true.

Cold and hot, high and low, fearless, tender, fierce and bold,

this love is the fire that purifies gold.

This love is loud.

This love will be seen.

This love will be heard.

This is this love’s story told.


Author: Allison Rose Phelan

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: you me/Flickr


About Allison Rose Phelan

Allison Rose Phelan is a philosophizing, truth-seeking, fitness-loving, food-loving, word-loving, adventurous, gutsy, hard-working, up-and-coming screenwriter, playwright & poet from Philadelphia, PA, currently living in Silicon Valley. She has been published in Elephant Journal multiple times, has an MFA in Screenwriting and has won 6 screenwriting awards to date. She also teaches private writing lessons on the side. You can also connect with her on her blog and on Instagram.


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