February 12, 2016

Valentine’s Day: Ultimate Expression of Love, or Just Another Occasion?

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As the first half of February progresses, there is a palpable sense of expectation, even entitlement, in the air.

All of a sudden, everyday communications become a minefield of subtle nuances subjected to a higher level of scrutiny, as posts, texts and calls are dissected remotely by friends and psychic advisors.

Will he propose? Will he get me something special? Will he make it a night to remember?

Yes, of course, we are talking about Valentine’s Day.

The essence of this day is love, that strongest of emotions, ethereal and mysterious. Love is the celebration of our hunger to unite in ecstasy. It is the eternal longing for union, sealed with a kiss. It is symbolized by the emotional element of water.

The essence of Valentine’s Day is pure emotion and receptive love. The harmony of romance, blended to perfection with the allure and captivation of courtship, the energy surrounding this day is highly intuitive and emotive. It is a time for expressing inner emotions, as those in love seek to expand their horizons and build on the foundations created together.

Love presents itself as a seed of desire from which a lifetime together may grow.

Valentine’s Day urges us to surrender to love and let go of our fears and vulnerabilities. It leads us to the cliff edge and says, “Fly.” It urges us to let go of the fear of moving forward with this person, and trust in our hearts that we are capable of creating a meaningful union together.

The exhilaration felt is a vital life force, characterized by deep emotional exchanges and a commitment to work toward developing ties that bind.

As two become one on this day of love, it encourages mutual understanding and the development of lasting emotional bonds. We can allow ourselves to open up to the magic presented and release material expectations, as these limit growth and invite disharmony. A gracious, grateful outlook will bring increased intimacy. We can be receptive to the joy that enters our lives on this occasion, allowing for pure emotion and harmony to shine brightly in our lives.

At the end of the day, it is just another occasion. More important than the chocolates, cards and flowers is the essence of emotion behind the sentiment of love that flows from your partner.

Love is so much more than the occasion of Valentine’s Day; it is the foundation from which a union develops the strongest of bonds.

It is also dirty dishes in the sink, screaming children and caring for a sick spouse. It is the boring and the mundane. It represents the highs and lows of a life spent together, and everything in between. True love has a way of not making us blind to another’s faults, but rather allowing us to overlook them, even though we know the flaws are there.

While it’s important to have a special day to celebrate and rejoice in the essence of love, let’s not over-sentimentalize the occasion, which could lead to unsustainable expectations. Keep grounded in reality and be mindful that the emotion here is deep, but also gentle. The feelings of love that we have for another become the foundations that hold everything together over a shared lifetime.

Let’s allow the stirrings of our hearts to guide us to a conscious awareness of our emotions on this day. We can pause and get in touch with the hidden depths of our souls, and we will know in our hearts if this love we feel is going to be the lasting connection we seek.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and let your outlook be transformed on this energetically charged day. Drink from the fountain of love that flows into you, and embrace the limitless radiance possible at this time.


Author: Crystal Sky

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: couscouschocolat/Flickr


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