We are Love. {Poem}

Via Tiffany Anderson
on Feb 27, 2016
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Unsplash/Alejandra Quiroz

There is no denying our connection—

You cannot tell me that
the number of times we have
come back together
does not amount to anything.

That thoughts of me do not
intoxicate you—
not only for want of my body
entwined with yours
but for the pull towards
my being.


Our bodies know—
they know what our minds
and hearts are so hesitant
to embrace…

We were brought together.

Divine connection,

Call it what you will,
but it is not some
man-made application.
You are not paired at
random with me—
it is not chance.

Dare I say (though I can see you smirk)
that we were written in the stars?

Why else would two humans
come to a willingness
to release hope,
and realize instead,
their propensity to
to create a trust so solid
that the promise of forever
is not necessary
in their sweet exchange.

We are not here to
offer guarantees,
but commit to choosing love over fear.
To take this connection
and ride it through the
ebbing waves of our minds’
need to know, and our hearts’
desire to let things be.

We are not meant
to understand love—
we are meant to embrace it,
as you would me
as I stand with you,
at the edge of your logic,
my eyes holding your heart
so that you know now,
as you have every time before—
that we are love.


Author: Tiffany Anderson

Apprentice Editor: Ellie Cleary/Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Unsplash/Alejandra Quiroz


About Tiffany Anderson

Tiffany Anderson is a lover: of yoga, movement, food—both growing and cooking—words, men’s shirts and days spent pants free; of salt water in all its forms, of paths less traveled, and honey bees. She is also a learner, a grower, a nurturer and dreamer, a traveler, a creator and a doer—encouraging herself and others to speak freely in every way. Connect with Tiffany on her blog here or on Instagram.


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  1. Kelly Quasha says:

    Love love love