February 25, 2016

Why Facebook Adding Options to “Like” Feature is HUGE!

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Definition of Trending:

1. Change or develop in a general direction.
2. A topic that becomes the subject of many posts across social media in a short period of time.

Oooohhh man!!!

‪Facebook‬ just added to their “Like” feature options. Now one can choose “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” or “Angry” to express how a post makes them feel.

This is huge!

I was expecting a dislike button eventually. But I didn’t imagine six responses to the information we share!

This many options of expression is wonderful! Why? Because now, when things are trending we actually know how people feel about it.

Thank the great universe that Facebook gave us these expressions before the 2016 election. Now we know if items of social interest are trending for positive or negative reasons. Now we can tell how a mass of people is feeling about any bit of information.

What I think (hope) is next:

Relationship status option of for different types of love.

Matilda loves her parents; Matilda loves her friends; Matilda loves partners…but also Matilda loves nature, the universe and these human experiences we call life. Matilda is learning to love herself, which is why she isn’t bothered that the post turned into typing in the third person. Matilda loves. Period.

This is the first time in history that this many beings across the planet have been able to share information for free so quickly. Each of us chooses consciously or subconsciously what information is valuable for the rest of the universe to hear.

Like a ripple of water something so simple as Facebook offering, “Loves” as a relationship status option would span through borders and cultures.

I’ll put that out to the universe! If you want the relationship option to simply love, please share this great idea—especially if you know Mark Zuckerberg! Have you considered ways to massively spread love or help the universe? Join the conversation! Please comment below, and write for elephant journal. Thank you and Namaste!





Author: Matilda A. Juliette

Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/Lord Jim

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