Why Millennials Love Bernie Sanders.

Via Emily Cutshaw
on Feb 18, 2016
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Growing up as a millennial, we have been taught to distrust the government.

We have been taught that our voices do not matter. We have heard our entire lives how “easy we have it” from our elders. Which in some aspects, is the absolute truth. We were lucky to be born into a generation with booming technological advances, more education opportunities and the overall conveniences that come with our modern everyday life.

However, we were also born into a generation with the highest debt in our nation’s history. A generation where having a college degree is becoming almost mandatory when searching for a decent job. A generation in which a student will graduate college owing thousands in student loans, yet will still be unable to find a decent job. A generation in which the media broadcasts nothing but negativity and the most violent hate crimes in the world.

What the older generations do not realize is that they do not hate us—the millennials—they hate the technology that came with us.

As a millennial, I completely deny that we are any more lazy, self-serving, ignorant or unhappy than those generations before us. I have worked alongside some very lazy 20-year-olds—but, I have also worked alongside equally lazy 60-year-olds. There are more of us because the population is larger now, but I am not completely sold on the idea that the percentage of sucky people has increased that greatly. And remember, we millennials did not raise ourselves. If we are, in fact, “lazy, stupid, self serving and terrible workers,” shouldn’t the parenting of the generation that raised us be questioned?

As a millennial, I support Bernie Sanders because he is not corrupt—and because he is honest.

Bernie is a self-described “democratic socialist.” Socialist—a political stance that immediately turns many people off. Socialism is not the preferred way of government in America, and I am sure that as a Senator and presidential candidate, Bernie realizes this.

I don’t respect Bernie because he is a socialist—I respect Bernie Sanders because he stands by what he believes in. He is not simply echoing popular and forever-changing views to win votes. He has stood by what he has proposed since day one, and I can respect a man that stands firm in his beliefs.

Bernie believes in the youth of America. He believes in us sh*tty millennials and wants us all to succeed. It seems as if “America’s youth is the future,” has passed the lips of every president—but how many have ever put so much emphasis in ensuring that the youth is actually going to be successful?

Giving all young people the opportunity to attend college and achieve a higher education would relieve a huge financial hardship and burden from the future graduates (and parents) of America. And thus, it would create a more educated nation.

Bernie is inspiring. I have seen images from the beginning of Bernie’s campaign where only handfuls of people were in attendance. He promises us a political revolution, and that is exactly what his rapidly growing campaign and millions of small donor contributors can be described as–-the start of a revolution.

Bernie wants to make ex-convicts productive members of society. Bernie has passionately spoke of his plans to have a prison reform and to aid ex-convicts in finding better job opportunities and creating obtainable education for them. Want to know my opinion on how to keep an ex-con from becoming a con again? Get said convict an education and put them to work.

Bernie cares about the environment and does not ignore scientific facts that back global warming. Bernie plans to cut carbon pollution in the U.S. by 80% by placing a tax on carbon pollution. He has also stated that he plans to invest greatly into energy efficient and sustainable energies. Bernie recognizes that we need to save the planet for future generations, and that we need to start now.

Bernie is a man that has supported equality since day one:

Listen to Bernie discuss attending the “March on Washington” led by MLK Jr.

Check out Bernie’s voting record concerning gay marriage.

As a millennial, no other candidate gives me as much hope for my future—and for a more honest and fair government and justice system—as Bernie Sanders.

Honestly, I am not even someone who gets super “into” politics. This is just the first time in my young life that I truly believe in a candidate, and I want to see the difference that they can make.

A Millennial who works, pays for college and wants a better future for us all.



Author: Emily Cutshaw

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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About Emily Cutshaw

Emily Cutshaw is a young 20s, self proclaimed free thinker. In her free time, she enjoys writing short stories and poetry, hiking, and following her most recent desire of the day in question. She is currently pursuing a degree in Creative Writing and hopes to join the Peace Corps upon completing college. Connect with Emily on Facebook and Instagram.


10 Responses to “Why Millennials Love Bernie Sanders.”

  1. Dale Sattizahn says:

    I agree. I am at a different stage in life- I am the parent of millennials. I have witnessed an explosion in Technology. My great grandparents traveled in horse and buggy. My great grandchildren will be traveling to Mars. While technology has exploded, the political landscape and thinking has not. It is still closer to the horse and buggy era. I have become jaded with politics over the years. We need a change filled with optimism. I find Bernie very optimistic. He has renewed my interest in politics. Thanks for sharing your comments.

  2. C-sanskirt says:

    aww but see you claim it has nothing to do with free stuff and then list all the stuff he will do that you like, that will be free for the millennials but raise taxes on others. Bernie knows what to say, he's a 'talker' just like the rest.

  3. Mayzee says:

    Child of the sixties here who believes that to know what’s really up, you simply follow the money. Bernie gets my vote for all you mentioned and above all for not taking campaign contributions from big money interests.

    Go Bernie!

  4. Emily Cutshaw says:

    It is crazy to see how much the world has changed, even throughout the course of my lifetime so much has evolved. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment!
    Have an awesome weekend!

  5. Emily Cutshaw says:

    Of course I list the things that he plans to do that I like- he's my pick for office (:
    Thank you for taking the time to read an article that contains differing political opinions than your own. And I agree, most politicians are very skilled talkers.
    Thanks again for reading and have a great weekend~

  6. Linda says:

    Hey, free thinking millennial, how about ditching the “well known fact” ( my quotes)

    that says you are unduly burdened with paying back college loans because “everyone needs a college education”. Our culture can be enhanced by the college educated but we need trades people, too–a lot of them.

  7. Emily Cutshaw says:

    The contributions speak volumes of the type of campaign he is running.
    Thank you for reading and contributing to the conversation

  8. Emily Cutshaw says:

    I agree that trades workers are equally as important to society as the college educated. However, the sad truth that we are beginning to experience is that some form of a degree is needed to work in (some) trades. A very large employer in the state that i live, which manufactures car parts, have been hiring less and less workers that do not hold at least an Associate's Degree. I just fear that this pattern will continue as my generation becomes older and will greatly impact those of the next generations. Thank you for contributing to the discussion and for taking the time out of your day to read my article. Have a great one!

  9. Nolan Bates says:

    Thank you for writing the words so beautifully that so many of us feel but are not talented enough to say/write

  10. Emily Cutshaw says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement!