You are the Universe.


The universe is within you.

You didn’t recently arrive.

You are the universe.

You have existed for approximately 4.5 billion years when a giant nebula erupted and fractals were cast into the vast distance.

Your celestial body is a collation of scattered remains formed from the remnants of gas and dust from ancient stars.

You are a whirlwind, a spinning vortex of universal energy.  

Your consciousness created your visible existence.

You rotated in motion. Determined to express yourself…pouring energy into every cell until eventually your unique tangible being was born to planet Earth.

Stardust gifted your extraordinary physical structure to you, but it is your awareness that miraculously structured it and gravity’s gentle force magically holds it in place.  

Everything you need is internally vibrating, building momentum as your existence unfolds.

And in this rare “life” form you can create whatever inspirations your imagination conjures up.

Your magnetic field attracts an infinite amount of possibilities.

Whatever you wish for can manifest…if only you believe.

You see, you are connected to all that exists through invisible powerful threads of eternal energy that entwine and weave us all as one.

You are not alone. Not now and you never will be.

Your energy just spins on a different frequency to all that surrounds you so you can perceive how incredible, important, perfect and exquisitely essential and individual you are.

Your energy is constantly communicating, entangling and interlocking with other energy. 

There is no separation.

Energy cannot be destroyed, nor can it be created. 

So, without you nothing would make sense.

You are a vital component and you matter more than your mind currently allows you to comprehend.

You matter. 

You are not here to wither. You are here to unravel. You are here to expand.

Your quest is to channel and challenge every exquisite thought in that ingenious mind of yours until your awareness grows and allows you to finally understand…

Look up to the sky. Do you see the stars? Fascinating and beautiful aren’t they? Now look at yourself. Similar stars are in every one of the trillions of cells in your body.

You are not just a constellation—you consist of galaxies that swim through a mass of intergalactic space. 

You are limitless. A cosmos. A collection of asteroids, planets, comets and clusters of stars and nebulae.

You exist now and you will continue to exist.

A universe within a universe. 

The universe delivered a miracle.

It delivered itself.

So that you could see it, explore it and find all the answers within.




Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/Berli Mike

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Sehar Feb 15, 2016 2:27pm

This website is what I have been hungering for. This article is what made me feel alive. Thank you, and hats off to the author. You have a new follower, albiet an unregistered one 🙂

Ciara Feb 15, 2016 1:30am

I know this is talking about me!

shanakimberly Feb 14, 2016 2:38am

Thank you. Love this.

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Alex Myles

Alex Myles is a qualified yoga and Tibetan meditation teacher, Reiki Master, spiritual coach and also the author of An Empath, a newly published book that explains various aspects of existing as a highly sensitive person. The book focuses on managing emotions, energy and relationships, particularly the toxic ones that many empaths are drawn into. Her greatest loves are books, poetry, writing and philosophy. She is a curious, inquisitive, deep thinking, intensely feeling, otherworldly intuitive being who lives for signs, synchronicities and serendipities. Inspired and influenced by Carl Jung, Nikola Tesla, Anaïs Nin and Paulo Coelho, she has a deep yearning to discover many of the answers that seem to have been hidden or forgotten in today’s world. Alex’s bestselling book, An Empath, is on sale now for only $1.99! Connect with her on Facebook and join Alex’s Facebook group for empaths and highly sensitive people.