March 12, 2016

4 Steps for Succeeding in Any Life Situation.



I used to rely on external feedback from others to the extent that it caused me consistent anxiety.

I would think, “Am I doing enough?” “Why can’t I receive the recognition that I deserve?” “Why can’t I do better?”

I struggled with needing approval from others in order to find success in myself. I measured my success based on the feedback other people gave me. I was anxious. I was worried. I was stressed.

I wasn’t happy.

Yoga helped change my view on life. It increased my confidence and self-esteem. It taught me not to rely on external feedback or worry about how others will react to my decisions. I’ve learned to recognize and focus on my strengths. When I reflect on my yoga journey, the changes to my thinking stem from hearing one phrase over and over again: “Thank yourself for showing up on your mat today and taking the time to take care of you.”

I’ve heard many versions of this phrase and when I break it down it’s about showing up and giving 100%. For anyone not familiar with yoga, the idea is that you come to your mat and give your energy to your practice. Some days you show up full of energy and strength. Others you modify every pose. Some days you want an intense, heated class and others a slow restorative flow. The idea is whatever shows up is exactly what you needed.

There is no right or wrong—it’s just about being on the mat, giving our energy throughout the class.

This idea taught me to rely on myself instead of comparing myself to others. It allowed me to recognize and be proud of my skill level. As I heard it over and over again through yoga classes, it began to transfer into other aspects of my life—particularly I how I approached my 9-5 jobs.

I show up and give 100% at my job each day. I’ve always done this, but again, the reaction and feedback from my coworkers and mangers was so linked to my idea of success, that I struggled. Now, I give 100% each day and leave the office knowing that I gave all my energy and effort, and that’s all I can do.

I’m responsible for myself, my actions, decisions and reactions. I can’t focus on other people, the choices they make and how they decide to react to me. The best I can do is be confident and satisfied with everything that I do. I innovate and create new ideas, but my success isn’t dependent on other people.

I am confident in who I am, my abilities and skills. I show up every day and give my energy and effort.

It’s still nice to receive external feedback, but I don’t rely on it or need it.

Whether this idea is new to you or not, here’s now to apply it to your life:

1. Show up.

Literally, just get to the class, job, meeting or whatever. To be successful, we have to show up.

2. Be fully present.

Focus on the here and now. Practice mindfulness.

3. Give your best effort.

Whatever your 100% is for the day, give it. In yoga our 100% changes based on injuries, physical health, etc. The same thing applies with work. If we’re recovering from a cold, our 100% that day might look different than other days.

4. Know yourself.

Take the time to reflect and figure out what your natural strengths and limitations are in order to understand where you’re at each day. How do you work best? When do you work best?

We have to know what our 100% is about in order to offer it.

Show up. Take time to recognize what you are able to give in any situation. Give 100%, and do it every day, with every moment.

If you show up and give 100%, no matter what anyone else might say, you are a success.





Author: Robyn Maggio

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: LaVladina/Flickr 

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