March 21, 2016

A Love Letter To My Haters.

love letter

I am thankful for you.

I am glad that I have chosen to spend my time rather than waste it.

You have taught me to dig deeper, look closer and see through the thicket to gain greater perspective.

You are always there for me, making your harshest judgments on the days I choose to step into the light.

You cast a beautiful shadow. You make me shine brighter when I stand next to you.

I may not be able to forgive you, but I feel for you.

I was stuck once too, in that place where it is hard to love yourself.

I will tell you, on the other side of all that fear is so much beauty.

Between your obsession over the past and your fear of the future is the present moment where I hope you can feel safe.

It is a beautiful moment, this moment right here.

The pause between the in and out breath—I bet, if you search for it, you may find bliss.

You have always been here for me, making yourself known on my best days.

You have impeccable timing, never late to the party.

The trouble is I come bringing guests—peace, presence, and compassion—and they don’t do your dance.

I can see you, smell you, feel you—even when you are not in the room. Your silence speaks volumes.

It is okay, you can sit there in your pond of monotony. I will rise up and pour more love and life into you like a great waterfall from above.

Stir you up.

We have so much in common—except our choices.

I made mine and you made yours.

I choose sweet, you choose bitter.

I choose sunlight dancing on the waves, you prefer the angry storm.

I choose big brilliant clouds billowing above, while you prefer the fog.

I choose love, while you choose its opposite.

The wonderful thing is, dear friend, there is always time left to change your mind.

You may grow in strength and numbers as I grow in creativity.

You may stop me on a few dark days, but how can we love light without its counterpart?

How can we dig deep, without having to pull out a few arrows?

How can we heal wounds without knowing what the salve of true acceptance feels like?

Next time I see you, you won’t see me.

You never seem to look me in the eye.

But I invite you to come sit.

Have a cup of tea.

We can lay whatever is between us down, brush it over to the side—

And toast to all that we have learned from one another.



Haters Gonna Hate & I’m not Hiding Under a Rock.


Author: Quenby Schuyler

Assistant Editor: Hilda Carroll/Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Photo: Nicole April/Flickr

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