March 23, 2016

I Remember You. {Poem}

Nicole Mason/Unsplash

Your lips on mine—

Your tongue searched my mouth
for the words that were not there,
answers to what I could
not make clear for you.

Promises you would
not let yourself make—
you left them there,
and still I feel their

Just as I feel your fingers
lingering at the curve
of my elbows,
guiding me closer—

They are at the back of my neck,
cradling my skull
and lacing through my curls
as if trying to find their way
into the thoughts I hold back.

When you took my hand,
you took my entire heart.

And now as I breathe in
I feel you there,
In the swell of my chest with breath
I am still in your arms,
tucked in by your neck,
where I can just barely feel (I swear I can feel them still)
your soft lips by my cheek.

Parts of you linger
with my eyes closed and my mind wild—
if I open them
perhaps they will meet yours
and find that glint
that admits that you are right here with me now:

so afraid that we cannot
make a future on
our collection of presents,
the insistence of our past.

Breathe out.

I am cavernous.
Yet full,
for every crevice that you have touched,
that your memory has seeped
into lingers in the
Universe of my being.

Your touch has become a part of me.
So familiar
that the contours of my body
know the wind
and water
to be your fingers,
the sun to be the heat
of your skin on mine,
the way you have let me feel
is imprinted on my soul,
a song I will never forget.

Sing, sweet lover.
Every word never shared,
and I will for you—
because surely the sweetest
come from hearts
that remember what it was like
to beat together.


Author: Tiffany Anderson

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Nicole Mason/Unsplash


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