March 24, 2016

If You’re a Woman Voting for Trump, You Might Want to Watch This.

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Lately, I’ve seen a few comments on some social media shares by elephant from readers who support Trump.

Yes, it’s your right to vote as you please, and yes, media should be non-partisan.

But we can’t ignore the things that actually come out of someone’s mouth, especially when, as many who back Trump like to argue, he is “just saying what he thinks,” which is why they love him.

Well, if that’s really what he thinks, then how is he deserving of any role of influence over the future of a nation?

The thing is here, we’re not talking about Democrat vs. Republican, liberal vs. conservative or any other political issue or standpoint. We’re talking basic decency, moral fibre, ethics, integrity—the stuff a person is made of and what they stand for.

I know that one of the reasons Trump is doing so well is that some of us have lost the trust in politicians and political spin. We’re wary of someone who might seem to be a worthy leader on the outside, but be hiding all sorts of things out of view. But is the answer really this guy?

I just don’t get it.

I don’t get how any woman can support him if that’s all he has to say about us. A few folks commented on the video that the clips used here were old. I’d love to know if there are any more recent ones that contradict his opinions so clearly expressed here.

But then he’s just “saying it like it is, ” which is another one I’ve heard from supporters. I’m sorry, but he really isn’t because that’s not how it is. Women are not just here to be “a 10” and raise the kids while we accept pay-checks and drop to our knees and smile while we do it all. This should not be news.

This kind of sexist nincompoop-ery is to be expected from some guys. We’ve all come across it. But from the leader of a country?  Sure, there have been and are currently leaders who behave and speak similarly, but you’ll find that none of them are particularly well-respected worldwide, or particularly effective on their home turf either.

I’m hoping both the women and men of America, who may happen to have sisters, wives and daughters, or at least mothers, will have a bit more self and mutual respect than to allow a man with views like this to call the shots and speak for one of the greatest nations in the world. What does it say about a people if a man who talks like this is voted in?


If he’s all we can come up with because we’re tired of political sweet talk, struggling financially or scared of things and people we believe threaten our safety and security, then I think we’ve long ago lost sight of the shore our ancestors fought so hard to reach. We’ve got a way to go yet, so let’s not start rowing backwards now.

As Mr. Obama says, “That is not acceptable.”


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Author: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: Video screenshot



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