March 3, 2016

Songs to Soothe our Beautifully Soft Hearts.

flower, girl, gentle

My heart is waking up, stretching, and getting in touch with her succulent softness again.

I have spent so many years being ashamed at my tender-heartedness, often thinking it made me weak and annoying, but as shame begins to melt away in the golden light of the sun—I’m owning my softness, more and more, with each breath I take.

These days, it is not hard to bring me to tears. I feel tender, raw, stripped down to the bone, and my juicy heart spills out onto my sleeves in the most inconvenient moments. I swear, a fierce breeze could easily rip me right open, like a thin piece of lace, but for the first time ever—it doesn’t scare me.

I have never felt so stunningly alive in my life.

I’m facing my vulnerability, owning my tenderness, and finding jewels in my tears.

I’m holding space for myself.

I’m slowing down, pausing patiently between my breaths, and unfolding the silken, gauzy magic that’s been hiding in my heart.

Join me.

Let’s clear an entire evening, fall into our own arms, take a break from all the sh*t we need to do, and listen to these sweeping, wistful songs under the warm glow of candlelight.

Yes, let us unravel the glittering threads of our softness, exhale, and honor the tenderest, tear-stained places inside us—the ones that whisper and ache.

Because in the softest spaces of vulnerability, the most jaw-dropping magic happens.

Be ready for a fresh wave of healing tears, as these songs pour into you like the gentlest rain and set you sweetly, subtly free.

Falling, Catching by Agnes Obel.


Wolves by Down like Silver.


Dreamer by Adna.


Blood by The Middle East.


Waking Dream by Natalie Walker.


Threnody by Goldmund.


Small Hands by Keaton Henson.


You and Me by You + Me.


When We’re Fire by Lo-Fang.


Song for Zula by Phosphorescent.


Wings (acoustic) by Birdie.



Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Holly Lay/Flickr


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Jaime Mar 7, 2016 10:17pm

Wolves by Down like Silver-Thank you

Ray Helinski Mar 7, 2016 3:00pm

Nice playlist, Sarah. Contemplative, especially the instrumental selection, which feels like a Windham Hill piece. You might want to check out some of their releases. One of my faves is "Climbing in Geometry" by Will Ackerman on "Windham Hill Sampler '88." Lots of restorative breathing space in them. I wrote a few pieces that breathe similarly. Click to listen if you like. The recordings are primitive, but I think they evoke the imagery and emotion I was hoping for nonetheless. Cheers and take care. "Warm Breeze Washing" – http://www.rayhelinski.com/wp-content/uploads/201… and "Safe Harbor" – http://www.rayhelinski.com/wp-content/uploads/201

Hope Mar 5, 2016 7:19pm

Love these beautiful songs. "Laura" by Phox would fit nicely into this group.

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Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey resides in the mysterious mountains of western North Carolina. Through the journey of healing her own trauma and pain, she has found power in poetry, art, and dance. She loves supporting people to step into their power, find their voices, and flourish. She believes in resilience. She believes that sometimes, our darkest days lead to the most unexpected, breathless joy. She currently offers life coaching sessions and is pursuing her Masters in Counseling. She feels passionate about supporting sensitive souls with a grounded, creative, and gentle approach.  Follow Sarah on Facebook and her website!