March 25, 2016

This blog has nothing to do with elephant’s mission (to be of benefit) but it’s the hardest I’ve laughed in a week so! Enjoy!

batman sadness funny

Sad Ben Affleck (youtube.com)

Humor is that ineffable quality of not taking life too seriously. That’s enlightenment, amirite? So here’s your daily dose of enlightenment.


I agree:

Reddit review (and I’m inclined to agree, knowing the garbage the director puts out):

“I saw the film yesterday at a pre-screening, Bens Batman was great, Henrys Superman was fantastic, Louis Lane as a character was stupid in the movie, Wonder Woman didnt work and couldve easily been left out, and Lex Luthor was awkward and annoying, the movie tries to do too much in too little time (even 2.5 hours) and the justice league tie-ins were forced af.”

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