March 28, 2016

Why I Wouldn’t Let Donald Trump Baby Sit My Kids & a Radical Proposal about this Year’s Election.



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I think that Donald would scare my kids, teach them a false sense of reality and inspire them to lie. He might even have them building a big wall in the back yard and hating the Muslim neighbors.

As a caring parent I would say, “you’re fired” to Donald long before I left him alone with my kids. But it is now too late to fire the fellow.

So we need to find another way to save this election. My point is that there just has to be a better slate of candidates, a better election to be had than the one we are having.

You might not think that my solution for the election is very likely. And it isn’t.

But a year ago Donald Trump being the front runner would have been unthinkable too.

Lets call it off.

I vote that we call the whole thing off. In fact, that we postpone the election for four years.

If you, like me, have disavowed this election then let’s take the next obvious step and postpone it. Politics has always had some theater in it, but this has become all theater. And if you don’t like the play, lets re-write it. If you don’t like the actors, let’s find some actors that we do like. Let’s postpone the play and play a role ourselves in the next four years so we can have an incredible election.

Let’s rewrite the rules for elections, let’s change the political horizon quickly, rather than slowly. Let’s do so by not holding an election since we can’t find any candidates.

If Obama is willing, let’s give him another four years. The poor fellow. But during that four years let’s get down to work.

It may be obvious that the candidates need to get to work: because they are just so bloody terrible. I mean, Trump makes Cruz look like a reasonable man! Praise Jesus. These are our candidates so it is us who need to get to work.

These are our candidates.

So, “We the people” need to get to work. We need to get to know ourselves. We need to discover the courage to be present, to realize that we are all in this together and that it isn’t somebody else who picked the candidates. Whether it is by action or inaction you and I picked these goofy people.

We tried to give Jeb CPR until he got up to speed. We ignored Hillary’s inability with e-mail, lack of integrity and the edgy tone of her voice. We rewarded Trump for his over the top audacity and flaming stupidity. We failed to notice that Obama can’t get anything by this congress so Bernie, bless his heart, would be burned at the stake.

Yes, it is time for us to get to work. But what should we work on?

How each of us can change the world.

We should get to work on knowing ourselves, relaxing our sphincters, our points of view and opening to peace and love.

Let’s outline a program for the candidates and for ourselves as well.

Let’s get ourselves some sensitivity training, where we learn to get in touch with our hearts, feel sensations and pay much less attention to our minds.

Let’s provide free pelvic floor work for each of us. This is gentle but intrusive work that will support us in relaxing our rectums and world views at the same time. It is likely to soften us, opening us to the idea of world peace and being kind to each other. It will make us less competitive and more cooperative. It will have us all tapping into the wisdom of our bodies.

Last but not least let’s work with the underprivileged: donating our time to make people’s lives better. And let’s not do this to have ourselves feel good about ourselves but because when we care for others it becomes obvious to us that we care.

These three things: sensitivity training, pelvic floor work and work with the underprivileged should be enough to have us primed for the election in four years.




Author: Jerry Stocking

Editor: Travis May

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