March 17, 2016

Why Spiritual Practice will Not Improve your Life.

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What does it mean for you to live a deeper, fuller and more authentic life?

This is the question that lurks in the shadows—like a stranger, a beggar, an orphan—longing for your attention. This is the question that’s waiting at the threshold of your consciousness, as you go through the motions of your day.

It’s waiting for you to turn towards it.

You may glimpse it in the quiet moments—between appointments or late at night when you wake up in the dark. You may look up from your computer screen—after spending too much time immersed in emails or wandering the web—and there it is, looking at you with unblinking eyes, silently repeating: What does it mean for you to live a deeper, fuller and more authentic life?

Will you give this burning question the attention it deserves? Will you let it in? Take it to heart?

Most people don’t—and I totally understand this.  I mean—who wants burning? Who wants to question—and perhaps let go of—cherished ideals and beliefs?

Who wants the uncertainty of this burning question? Most of us prefer answers. Answers which allow us to skip to the head of the line. Quick, time-saving, effort-saving answers that will grant us high speed access to the awakened life—sweet!

But the spiritual path isn’t paved with answers—it’s a path of deep, burning inquiry. There’s no skipping steps on the path of awakening. No answers and no skipping steps—this is such great news!!

Why? Because it’s the truth—and the truth actually will set you free.

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely familiar with the whole “life purpose” industry.

Most of the programs and promises come down to this:

  • When you realize your life purpose/dharma, you’ll get everything you want.
  • Awakening means it will never rain on your parade.
  • There’s a private enlightenment limo coming to drive you all-the-way-to-the-bank.

These promises are fantasies—and fantasies will definitely not set you free. Gratefully, awakening is the opposite of fantasy. Living a deeper, more authentic life isn’t a fantasy, it’s a path—your path.

Walking this path will include the fiery transformation of everything that keeps you from opening up and offering your deepest gifts.

This is your birthright. 

It’s what you came into this life for. More good news—your awakening is not some pre-packaged spiritual answer. Your answer to the burning question is very specific and unique to you.

There’s something profound and powerful that wants to be expressed through you and as you.

It’s yours alone to be and to do—it’s calling you.

Are you ready to take the burning question to heart?


Author: Eric Klein

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Image: original illustration by the author.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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