April 13, 2016

4 Ways to Practice the Art of Being.

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Is there an art to being?

Yes, but it takes practice.

We often meet people who seem to have it all together. They exude confidence, light, creativity, and happiness. We know in our hearts that they are genuine, because being genuine is at the forefront of their being. It is never hidden. They’ve been places, and they’re busy carving out authentic lives. They seem to just “be” in a way that is appealing, receptive, kind, and true.

They know who they are, and you know who they are too.

We all want some of that, right? We all want purpose in life, and a sense of fulfilled contentment, don’t we?

If not, why else are we here?

So, how can we learn to just be in the moment?

Here are four ways we can actively practice the art of simply being ourselves:

1. We can hone our given gifts.

The art of being is essentially the practiced art of being happy. It is about being alive, honing our innate gifts, searching for our truth, learning, being open to new ideas, and being motivated to make changes in our lives and in ourselves for the better. We know that our own happiness requires action. What are the beautiful, unique gifts we possess, and how can we actively express them?

How can we share them with the world right now?

Our purpose in life is to develop and share our gifts. All of us are born with something special to share. When we follow our talents, and act on them, and work to bring them to fruition, we feed our souls. When our souls are well-fed, our heart is happy because it is full. We are genuine in the happiness we exude when we share our gifts.

2. We can let go, and we can say no.

Taking the action that is required is also about letting some people in (the ones who help to fill us) and letting some people go (the ones who seek to drain us). Why continue to be attached to the people in our lives who consume our time and energy without care or thought for our well being? Why not pay more attention to the people who love, support, and accept us? Much like the act of simply breathing, the art of being is the practice of letting go and letting in.

Another way of letting go is to know when you’ve had enough. It is to know when to simply say, “no” and really mean it. Have you had enough of shopping for one day? Is it time to stop cleaning, doing, calling, texting, hovering, questioning?

Knowing when to just stop helps us master the art of being in the moment, because it’s about listening to what we need so that we can bring balance to our lives.

3. We can tell the truth.

We begin to practice the art of being when we shed light on our dark places, and tell the truth about our life story. I am finding that the more light I shed on my own excruciating past experience, the brighter, and more alive I become.

As light (truth) swoops in, darkness (deception) gets pushed out. Perhaps it is falling on deaf ears, and it may very well be that people are tired of hearing my truth in particular, but I know that the less I hide from my truth, the more energy I have to forge a clear and steady path to my own freedom, thus creating my own grateful happiness.

The more I reveal about myself, the more I seem to have in common with everyone. And that commonality generates a partnership with and support from the world.

My light seems to create a protective circle around me while it allows loving people, new opportunities, and fulfilling experiences to permeate.

4. We can forgive.

Forgiveness is also part of the human experience, and yet so often we hold on to our negative feelings toward other people and ourselves for way too long. When we accept apologies from others, we can make peace and move on. And we can move on with or without detrimental people because it then becomes our choice.

We can also learn to be tender with ourselves, because no one is perfect.

When we mindfully practice the art of being, we become ever more aware of what we need to maintain our happiness. We can then create a degree of peace in our lives, and in the lives of those that surround us. Serenity, therefore, is the ideal gift we give to ourselves and to other people.  In doing so, we actively walk around on earth in a way that is giving, earnestly heartfelt, and reciprocated.

The art of being is the discovery and acknowledgment of our true selves via the four practices. Sharing our gifts, letting go and saying no, telling the truth, and forgiving ourselves and other people makes room for more light.

We exude an appreciation of our life in general and those around us can feel it.

The art of being is never stagnant, and while there may be passion (feelings, unexpected twists and turns) along the way, there is a general absence of reactivity and rage.

When we consciously let go of exasperation, self-sabotage, impatience, judgment, ill-will, and our small, picky grudges, we make room for truthfulness, kindness, honestly shared feelings, and a sense of contentment. The art of being comes from simply living, breathing, thinking, loving, and doing inside the core of present moments.

To discover the art of being within our self, we need to get quiet and create space. We need to let go in order to let some light in. Inner reflection and self awareness leads us to change.

And when we can change ourselves, we can most certainly “be” the change we wish to see in the world.

“What you seek is seeking you.” ~ Rumi.

The art of being begins when we surrender to that thought alone.





Author: Kimberly Valzania

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Amy Treasure/Unsplash 


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