April 20, 2016

8 Things I Would Like to Tell My 22-Year-Old Self.


Yogic thought believes one becomes an adult when Saturn returns in the birth chart.

In other words, it takes 29 ½ long years for our second-largest planet, Saturn, to take one trip around the earth to return to our sun sign. Your sun sign is the astrological sign the sun resides in at the time of birth.

The question “what’s your sign?” refers to your sun sign.

At the return of Saturn at 29 ½ years, each planet in the solar system has had it’s influence on a person; we have experienced every planetary energy we will experience in our lifetime…and just like that, official adult.

That being said, moving through the 20s are a funny and complex thing: we have our first big accomplishments under the belt and perhaps we feel ready to navigate this world without the ever-present watchful eye that reared us. We are asked to make adult decisions before we necessarily know what we want.

When people would ask my age and I answered 22, I would always get the same response… “you’re such a baby!”

Flash forward 10 years and I’m no longer being called a baby, but find myself using the same phrasing to describe our up-and-coming 20-something generation. Is this a case of pay-back, “they did it to me” or does that 10 years of experience really just feel like a lifetime?

My 20’s were all about experience and finding myself, oftentimes through situations that didn’t necessarily serve my higher self—as I had yet to discover my higher self and calling. In grasping for spirituality and the experience of God, I sought many things outside myself which served to delay my journey inward.

10 years later, by the grace of God and with everyday synchronicities confirming each right action on my path, I’ve compiled a list to help others navigate this uncertain journey. A list compiled from the knowledge of every wrong action that has beautifully delivered me right where I need to be.

Here are a few things I would like to share with my 22 year old self, 10 years later:

1. Very few people have things figured out in their 20’s.

Those who (believe they) do are a rare breed. Be nice to others and create connections instead of burning bridges.

Be open to the flow of life without trying to control the outcome.

2. Continue to do the things you enjoyed doing when you were a child.

Coloring, dancing, singing, roller skating, writing poetry, reading—Just because you are not going to make a living as a singer doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to enrich your life by finding your voice. These childhood passions may always speak to your heart. And where there is passion from the heart, there is a link to the divine.

3. Less is more and moderation is key. 

Drink less, eat less, watch less, gadget less, criticize (self and others) less, argue less, worry less, buy less, curse less.

4. Take care of your teeth.

Have regular dental visits and cleanings.

5. Many of your fears will manifest—and you will be fine.

You don’t yet know your own strength, these experiences will show you the strength of your will and the expanse of your spirit.

6. Replace worry with prayer.

Instead of repetitively going over the things that you fear or don’t want by way of worry, use that energy to ask for your heart’s desires by way of prayer.

7. I can wake up in the morning and be lost in my thoughts/feelings/dream state in my head.

A morning ritual is absolutely necessary to becoming present and moving through the day consciously versus reactively. Whatever works for you: moving and exercise, conscious breathing and/or meditation, prayer and mantra work, affirmations, etc.

Do it daily.

8. Nature cures almost all that ails you.

It is far less expensive than therapy and can revive your heart and soul within a matter of hours. Be barefoot on the earth, ground and connect with Mother Nature.




Dear Younger Me. Or, 28 Years of Shame.


Author: Nicole Pippin

Assistant Editor: Tammy Novak / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Bhakti Kulmala / Pixabay.com


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