April 12, 2016

A New Fetal Position & A Way to Redesign our Lives.

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The sensation that swept through the room at my 20-week ultrasound stirred the technician’s stern concentration off course. She then called over another technician and eventually the MD on staff to confirm her findings.

Evolutionarily, we’ve been programmed to go into fetal position as part of our flight and flight response. In this article I will share with you why I believe we have choice in creating new and more empowered options.

For most, when we think of being in the fetal position, images of pain, fear, and utter collapse are quickly felt in our gut. An emotional neuropeptide cascade releases and triggers vivid memories of our body and mind in a state of fear.

It fascinates me how some memories can elicit a visceral experience so real that it’s like we are experiencing the actual event now.

Neurobiologists have been proposing that memory is stored not only in the brain but also holographically in the biofield, like the “cloud.” Many study this phenomenon. In one study, people were shown a video of a runner. The results were mind-blowing—passive viewers had responses in nerve activity, heart rate and respiration as if they were actually running themselves.

A fact that may surprise you is that we are constantly downloading and exporting out information through the biofield. To various degrees all of us have felt the impact that our environment, peer group, and surroundings have on our mental and physical state. Think of a time when you smiled at someone who looked sad. The joy you put into the field energized them and you didn’t even say a word. This can also be felt when we walk into a room of people laughing when we are depressed. The field created by the people laughing influences us and it actually becomes an effort to resist laughing ourselves.

Naturally, with this in mind, I felt it was my pregnant mama duty to harness this technology to build my baby’s nervous system with the very best input possible.

So, my mantras during pregnancy were:

“Nerves that fire together wire together.”
“Everything I think, feel, do and be is either taking from or adding to the field.”

When I learned I was pregnant, I made it a point to get in touch with all the thoughts, behaviors, and places where the “ingredients” that I wanted in my baby were. I went to oneness blessings, chanting workshops, extra network chiropractic visits, listened to inspiring speakers and committed to practices that promoted a deep connection and presence within me and my developing babe. I became passionate about influencing her genetic affinity toward love, peace, and ease as her coping and life strategies.

I knew I had to write this article based on the overwhelming responses I got from the medical community when they saw my baby’s ultrasound.

I first have to mention that when I was 18 weeks pregnant I traveled to Italy participate in something called the Ultimatum Program, lead by an innovative master healer that aligns one with their energetic signature so there is congruence between one’s true self and the biofield.

This program included eight extraordinary days of unwinding and melting away my defended self while my authentic self strengthened and emerged. With this, my body, emotions, mind, heart and spirit could broadcast out to the biofield and the field could respond back to this improved version of myself.


This week happened to coincide with the exact fetal developmental stage my baby’s motor neuron tracks were finishing being laid down. This is the neural network platform for how she will move her body for the rest of her life.

When I returned, I went in for my 20-week ultrasound. The tech was mesmerized by the way my baby was moving inside my womb. This little baby was leaning way back in extension, opening and closing her perfect mouth, drinking in amniotic fluid.

The technician pointed out to me that every baby she’s seen has been in flexion, fetal position. “Fetal position,” she said! It’s the posture of protection, defense and survival.


Yet, gracefully, my baby’s spine was in extension, heart center open posture. I shared this photo with the doctor that led the Ultimatum Program in Italy and he showed it to a doctor at Stanford Medical—they were both astounded by the possibilities.

We all have access to this new fetal position, because all life is informed by a biofield of information and energy around us. The nervous system is informed by the biofield. Through the nervous system, we interpret our internal and external environment and make responsive changes that form our operating system patterns and programs in real time. It toys with our educated minds to observe the effortlessness manner with which we can powerfully manifest and materialize reality.

This is the case with my developing baby. This new fetal position is a sign that we can design our lives and hack our legacy to respond to love and ease vs. fear and contraction by making new choices and intentions each day.



Author: Dr. Stephanie Bridwell

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photos: Author’s Own

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