April 11, 2016

How to Find Happiness by Changing our Reality.

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“As you change your thoughts and your mental vision, you are changing your reality.” ~ Alice Hocker


Having the ability to do tarot reading on my finger tips does not necessarily make me a pro in changing others’ realities.

In my line of work, I came across several clients who refuse to belief that a tarot reader can only “predict” their future based on their current situation. They are more interested to know what’s behind the future door while hoping that my answers will come true in the near future. Questions such as “How is my financial situation next year?” or “Will I find a husband soon?” are among the favourites.

Although I understand that receiving answers through tarot reading has its own perks and thrills, the future itself is never set in the stone. I believe that in order for us to achieve a desirable future, we must be able to work toward it.

We can only find happiness once we understand how to take control our reality.

Reality is how we see the world and perceive ourselves as a part of the system that binds us in this macrocosm. Without a deeper understanding of reality, we are nothing but living, breathing humans who live in our mind-made reality with no desires or aspirations to fulfill. We go to work, eat, sleep, just as beings. We touch and feel through our senses just as they exist without any awareness that we can pop the bubbles and see a clearer path.

In Hinduism, there is the concept of maya, or illusion, where our lives are similar to dreams. The world is akin to a magic show, with smoke and mirrors illusion, duping us to think that our potential is limited to this reality. However, we don’t have to succumb to it. We can expand our consciousness and train ourselves to see beneath the veil to fulfill our needs, our thirst, and hunger.

As humans, we are built with wants and needs. On an ethereal level, our desire is simplified, unlike what our minds tell us. We just want to love, to be loved, and to be happy. We desire peace and wisdom, without the need for conflict. Everything that we do or work toward in this world, including the ones in material form such as money, a house, or even the presence of our loved ones, will eventually lead to that blissful feeling our soul is yearning for. We all know that the purpose of earning money is to buy us happiness. But we also understand that it doesn’t mean that the richest man in the world will stay in that perpetual state of joy. Happiness can only be achieved if we know how to identify what is our ethereal needs and shape our reality to work toward it.

The first step in altering our reality is to accept our present.

Acceptance and acknowledgement of unfortunate situations that we are currently experiencing is the initial step toward happiness. For instance, I used to work in a company that paid very little, but I had to stay because of my contract. Technically, my chance to leave the company was pretty slim. When faced with this situation, I had no choice but to start off with acceptance. “The company may be stingy, but at least I have great colleagues here,” I thought.

Step two is to assess how we feel about such situation.

Can we find peace through acceptance, or do we have to get out of it? Assess the situation from the scale of “Thank you for this experience” to “No, thank you,” and see where we stand. If “No, thank you” is your answer, then it’s time to move on to the next step.

There are two options to choose from this point. Either we change our perception about the reality, or move out of that situation. See if we can find a balance first before we decide for the latter. In my case, after working for a few months and realising that the salary wasn’t enough for my expenses, I tried to change how I perceive this situation. “I may not be able to pay my rent on time this year, but I can see this opportunity as a way to build my network and to spruce up my resume.” I decided to work my way to get enough clients to notice me so one day I can quit my job and relocate to their companies. When we change our perception about our situation, we will be able to see a clearer picture and find happiness in the littlest things.

If the first option does not seem feasible for your issue, you can always opt for the second one. The second option is necessary if the condition is severe enough for you to handle. I had rashes all over my body a few weeks before my contract ended. Apparently it was how my body reacted to months of accumulated stress and hours of lack of sleep. Although my mind had settled with the first option, my soul hadn’t. So I answered the call, I quit right after my contract ended without any job offer waiting ahead, and finally found my happiness.

Happiness is an abstract thing that cannot be attained through money, a career, or by having arm candy on our side. It can only be achieved by a deeper understanding of who we are and our ethereal needs. When we’re finally happy, we will feel that one-of-a-kind warmth that keeps us from sleeping because our reality is finally better than our dreams. If we haven’t, our soul will ensure that we get the message by shaking things up, waking us from our reality in order to alter it the way it wants us to.

So, are you ready for the wake up call?


Author: Çanti Widyadhari

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Dyonisius Burton/Flickr

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