April 9, 2016

I Will Take It from Here. {Poem}


I’ve given myself to you time and again,
let you have my heart and have it handed back to me.

You have walked away, closed and bounded,
then sent a whisper in the night of missing me as yours.

You have made sadness familiar to me
in all of these goodbyes.

Yet I would take back none of them.
And, now, I will take it from here.

The love I wanted from you
I will give to me.

I will reach deep into the vastness of my heart,
and plant seeds of forgiveness, acceptance, and love into its fecund pulse
so that I might be sustained by what courses, warm, thick,
through my veins—alive in self.

Alive in love.

I will not grow weary wanting
what cannot be given,
will not tire from desire to co-create.

But write instead my own great romance
from the love I was created.

I will dance under the moonlight
with my arms to the sky,
letting the stars pull at my fingertips
and spin me as you may have,
wanting nothing more but to fall
asleep in the tender shelter of my skin.

I will love this body not for what it can do
but for the songs that it holds
in harmony with the sway of the trees
and the pounding bass of the sea.

I will love without a calculation
of value, without seeking reciprocity,
the only exchange I make is in
receiving as vulnerably as I give.

I will love with tenacity,
reverence—spirited and free to love
as I may.

Love as I can.

Love as I am.

I hope you will do the same.

I hope all lovers will not be caught wanting,
broken, questioning love.

But know it to be in themselves always,
plentiful and unwavering,
undefined by another’s acceptance,
inimitable as your own sacred offering.

Love on.

Love hard.

Love you.

Let love take it from here.


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Author: Tiffany Anderson

Volunteer Editor: Tess Estandarte/ Travis May

Image by: Pixabay/Public Domain Pictures 


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