April 1, 2016

If Punctuation Marks had Emotions. {Poem}

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As writers, we are put into boxes—defined by the punctuation that we use.

Emily Dickinson is known for her excessive use of the dash, while C.S. Lewis is known for exceedingly long and sparsely punctuated sentences.

I decided to find the imagery behind punctuation and expound upon it. If punctuation marks could have emotion, what would they feel? I added that to my characteristic style of writing for my person, my one out there in the world.

I hope that this makes you think of punctuation in a new way, and, if you too are searching for your person, I hope this helps you know that you’re not searching alone. After all, punctuation marks are searching for where to belong as well.


He looked at me

With the calm pause of

A comma—

Gathered all of his thoughts like the

All-encompassing parentheses—

Grabbed my hands with the certainty of a



Raised his eyebrows like the ever-inquisitive

Question mark.


He kissed me with the combined

Wonder and excitement of the interrobang.

I look at him,


I know—

All the punctuation in the world will

Never be able to sum him up in the

Way he deserves.

For that—

I’m grateful.


Author: Season Faulk 

Name: Sara Kärpänen

Photo: liz west / Flickr  &  Calum MacAulay / Unsplash

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Read 5 comments and reply

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