April 30, 2016

Love may not be Easy, but I Guarantee it’s Worth It.

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“I’m far from perfect, but I am on the doorstep of worth it.” ~ curiano.com

Some say love should always be easy—but in many instances, it’s not the love that is difficult, but rather the getting it right that causes turmoil and tears.

We are incredibly and beautifully flawed humans, we mess up about twice as much as we wish we did, and somehow it seems the only way we learn is the hard way.

But we have heart—and so we make up in passion what we lack in ease.

I wish we could find a middle ground between what our hearts desire and the reality our hands can create—it is here that I wish to meet you.

It is here—in a place of possibility and melting kisses against my collarbone that I would like to come together, if even for a single sweet moment of suspended time.

The truth is, no matter how hot this runs, it won’t be enough to sustain us if we can’t build something solid under our knees—that seem to go weak each time we step toward one another’s shadow.

And so this time, I promise you that even though it won’t always be easy for us, I do believe without a doubt that it will be worth it.

There will be times when it feels much easier to have distance between us—like maybe not being together is the only choice we have.

But, the easiest road is not the right one for us.

I only ask that in the moments where the doubt seems more delicious than my lips, that you let me in enough to show you why I’m worth it, and to remind you that sometimes there really are certain things worth fighting for.

I’d fail a hundred times in sadness and disappointment if it meant that just once we worked—because darlin’, once is all we need to get it right.

There are many reasons why we should just stay away from one another, maybe we are trouble too illicit to garner real goodness and love. It’s possible that our unsettling trouble is actually caused by our refusal to see what is right in front of us.

The thing is, I’ve run from you more often than I have stayed, but in the end, I always find my way back to you—no matter how inconceivable it seems.

You are my safe place in this world, and while I don’t know exactly how this happened—you comfort something in me that has roamed the streets at midnight, looking for a place to call home.

Although you are not the person I pictured being by my side, somehow with each passing day, I realize that you are precisely the man that my heart needs.

You are the man who I trust to join me because I know wherever we end up, it is exactly where we’re supposed to be.

I now understand that there is a difference between the way we picture our lives and what we truly need—that fuels our futures and feeds our dreams.

Your simple deliciousness is pure soul food.

You don’t necessarily take it easy on me, but rather, you bring all that is at odds within my center to the surface, so I can deal with it and move toward becoming a better version of myself.

I don’t know if you feel the same, but I feel the depth our our connection—when our eyes meet it defies logic.

Maybe I am nothing more than a distraction on your journey, a passing rest area where you can stop before moving in your true direction—or possibly, I’m the destination you’ve been traveling toward this entire time.

Sometimes we find ourselves in places we never expected to be—yet it doesn’t mean that this isn’t where we truly belong.

Deciding to meet me in a place where we explore what exists between us requires you to step out of your comfort zone and take risks that might seem to outweigh the benefits. Even so, I won’t spend a second trying to prove the worthiness of us to you.

This is part of your journey that I can’t help you with or rush you into. You may not choose to meet me here, but the thing is, you just may.

There’s no telling what secret truths tomorrow’s sunrise may suddenly reveal, but one thing’s for certain, all we endure is worth it, if you are the one I will come home to someday.

I know that our falling together and apart is an exhausting cycle that sometimes leaves us wondering if it’s even worth it—if either of us will end up in the same place at the same time, or if we will continually miss each other, as passing trains in the night.

This time, I am staying put.

I’m not going to leave out of frustration or confusion. I’m not going to board another train hoping that it’s the answer to all of my problems—this time, I’m staying.

If I stay here in this place of love’s pure possibility, then whenever you do feel like stopping for a moment on your journey, then maybe—just maybe—we will finally be in the same place to meet one another.

Because once in a while all it takes is a few precious moments in the right place, at the right time for us to actually get it right.

If and when it happens, the waiting will have been worth it.


Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: wikipedia

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