April 29, 2016

The Tale Of The Silly Cat & The Innocent Jam. {Poem}

Jenny Ondioline/Flickr

I fell in love with this whimsical poem the moment I laid eyes on it. I asked Jordan what was his inspiration for writing it and he responded with: “I wanted to write something that I could read with my daughters that would sound playful while also teaching them something about life. I think there’s something magical about literature that can appeal to a child but also change and mean other things as they grow. I also like cats, and jam.” I hope you (and your children) enjoy it as much as I did. ~ Sarah, editor.

The Tale Of The Silly Cat And The Innocent Jam

Was ever a sight more beautiful than, 
A cat with paws unscrewing a jam—
Lid that is tightened with buckets of force;
He grips but it slips right through his two paws.

I’ll get it he says though it doesn’t ring true, 
He pops out his claws and he tries to scratch through, 
The jar is too strong and the glass doesn’t fail.
He flops on his back and he lets out a wail.

Meanwhile the jam having nothing to do, 
Glistens and oozes like glossy red glue, 
It looks at the cat and it says in a murmur,
That kitty is not a good jammy cat burglar.

The cats ear prick up as it hears the jam’s scorn, 
I’ll be into your jar before it is dawn.
The cat smiles with teeth that would scare any man, 
He’d come up with a fiendishly devilish plan. 

The cat backs away as far as he could, 
The jam strains to see the cat grin where he stood. 
The cat runs as fast as his four legs are able, 
And he sends the jam tumbling back off the table. 

The jam hits the floor with a terrible clatter, 
Shiny red liquid much thicker than water—
Spreads, quietly seeping all over the floor. 
The jam doesn’t want to feel things anymore. 

The cat hops down with a delicate grace,
He sees the jam oozing all over the place.  
I told you I’d win I’m better than you,  
You’re jar is all broken and now you are too. 

The jam sheds a tear as it dies on the floor,
It feels the cats tongue start to lick and explore.  
The jam is surprised when the cat backed away, 
Perhaps it would somehow turn out okay. 

Yuck said the cat you taste like a fruit—
You’re sticky and sweet and that taste doesn’t suit! 
Of course I do silly I’m strawberry Jam, 
Were you expecting a savoury ham?

Why did you break me if you will not eat?
What happens now that I’m sad in defeat?
It’s not you that I want says the cat from afar, 
I was fighting the cat that I saw in your jar.

The jam thinks for a moment and sighs in despair
You killed me for something that just wasn’t there?
The cat is astonished. What’s this interjection?
You killed me vain kitty to fight your reflection.

So thus ends the tale of the cat and the jam,
And what have we learned since the tale first began.
To fight without cause is a silly affair,
Because innocence dies when you choose not to care.

The cat thought for a moment then padded away, 
How silly he said then got on with his day.
The jam lay there crying at this terrible sin, 
Until the man cleaned it up and threw it in the bin.

Author: Jordan Oldbury

Editor: Sarah Kolkka

Image: Jenny Ondioline/Flickr

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