April 4, 2016

Weekly Energy Report April 4th-April 11th Patience, Projection & Letting Go.


*Eleditor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. 

For an explanation of how energy affects you please click here.

Although this week our external world may seem far calmer than it has been of late, our internal processing system will be going into overdrive. Throughout this week we will be receiving a constant download of insights and “a-ha” moments as everything that has been taking place over the last few months begins to make more sense. However, we aren’t quite there yet so the answers we come across will not quite satisfy our curious, inquisitive minds nor will they slide effortlessly into the bigger picture.

Therefore, we will be feeling mildly frustrated at best and impatient and aggressive at worst and the incoming solar winds on April 5th will add disruptive waves to the inner friction we are already experiencing.

Something we have to be extremely careful about this week is projection. While we are internally sorting through a myriad of thoughts, emotions and feelings, we may be tempted to deny some of them and lash out and project any unpleasant or unacceptable feelings onto others.

Thoughts, emotions and feelings are fueled by energy and when we try to suppress them, they will seep out of us and we may then direct them towards others. We sometimes assume that other people are thinking, feeling or acting in the same way as we are, so we identify any negative feeling energy with other people instead of identifying it with ourselves. Note: This only happens when we are overwhelmed with emotion and disconnected from our intuitive senses.

We may then very easily become paranoid by perceiving other people to be thinking or talking about us negatively, when realistically, we are just in denial and not wiling to accept that we are the ones thinking these thoughts, either about ourselves or others, and then projecting them outwards so that we do not have to take responsibility for them.

We have to take ownership for both the energy we are receiving and the energy we are casting out and keep our thoughts, feelings and emotions entirely separate from other people’s so that we can identify why this energy is circulating and what we can do to alter it. Otherwise we are ensuring a flow of conflict in our friendships, relationships and also with strangers as we open the floodgates to allow them to project the imprints of their feelings directly onto us—or we may project ours onto them.

We are likely to be feeling tested and challenged this week and the reason for this is that we are being gently scolded for not listening carefully or not paying attention to how our life is unfolding and we are ignoring our intuitive abilities.

Whenever we are living fully aligned to our purpose and we are aware of our individual inherent yearnings, any turbulent external energy will have very little effect on us and its power and influence will pass through almost unnoticed. Until then the universe will constantly deliver signs whenever we are straying from our path.

Each time we feel fraught, anxious or destabilized it is a signal to awaken us so that we acknowledge that something, somewhere is not quite right. We should never run from these volatile happenings, because if we do they will repeat over and again until we decide to alter our behavior and change our course.

Although this may put us in a temporary stage of confusion, not knowing where to turn or when peace and harmony will be regained, we must remember that everything ebbs, flows and passes by.

Over these next few days we should try to remain the observer and absorb all that we are currently being shown without acting on our impulsive desires to make life-altering decisions.

Not everything that occurs needs our interference. We are firmly being told to watch from the sidelines and let the whole scene play out before assessing, judging or trying to conclude on what is taking place. This can make us feel a little out of control at times and even make us feel powerless, especially if we are usually quite assertive or fiery with our reactions and responses.

Although we may feel out of our comfort zone, what we are being shown is delivering strength and ultimately allowing us to marinate in everything and harness it so that we hear, see and feel everything without our emotions, beliefs or opinions clouding and masking the truth. We are currently being shown the art of truly listening to what the energy around us is relaying and we are being asked to be tolerant of what we perceive, as at the moment we are only being given fragments of the whole truth.

Being tolerant is very different to being resistant. We should try not to turn away or close off from everything that is taking place. As painful as it is at times, this week more than ever before we should open ourselves up to feel everything in its entirety. Even though this is sometimes easier said than done, it is the only way we are ever going to be able to fully comprehend why the same obstacles are persistent stumbling blocks in our lives. They are not in place to hold us back. They will keep being placed there until we learn new ways to maneuver around them.

We cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results. We are being called to bring in change, but before we do this we must first have a sound understanding of the “whys” of it all.

This will take some deep soul-searching as rapidly trying to put everything in order is not going to benefit us this time. We have to abstain from the strong need we will feel inside to organize and restructure everything. We have been building certain aspects of our life on the same infertile, cracked and crumbling ground and it is time for new foundations and this time they must be built to last. Therefore, we must study hard to see where things went awry last time and what we must change this time around.

Whether this is in our relationships, careers, finances, or just how our mind, our thoughts and beliefs about something has formed, we are heading towards a time when we are going to need to strip a section of it right back to where it began and then begin from the start once again.

To do this we must stay grounded and centered so that we rationally gain all the information required to know exactly which part of our life is in turmoil and why.

Only through paying attention over these coming days will we see everything with clarity. We must keep telling ourselves “shhh,” so that we quiet down our noisy and sometimes troublesome mind. We should also keep telling our lips to think not just twice but at least three or four times before opening to speak out.

We will serve ourselves no justice this week by running ahead of ourselves before we are very clear about why we are running and without knowing precisely where we are going. And also whom we are heading there with! Trust that by end of the weekend, if we have watched and listened very, very carefully, to everything on the outside as well as what we are being told on the inner, through our intuition, we will have found many of the answers we have long been searching for.

Due to the recent incoming waves of transformational energy, our intuitive mind is currently functioning better than ever, so we can close our eyes and still not be blinded to what is being played out directly in front of us. We will also have the ability to identify what is taking place 10 or 10,000 miles away, out of sight and earshot, if we can only have faith in our intuitive mind and trust our inner knowing feelings and allow them to guide us to what feels right for us instead of what might feel right for anyone else.

This episode is only going to last for a few days and will grow more intense as we approach the New Moon in Aries. The reason it is essential that we focus on remaining calm and passive to a certain extent, is because this New Moon is fiery and may bring out people’s controlling, manipulative and dominating sides. When we have control over our emotions we will not be pulled into that energy and instead we will clearly see any areas of our lives whereby others are trying to use forceful methods against us.

Jealousies, paranoia and fear will all be raising their head during this New Moon phase and the past will be clashing with the present causing battles to commence and certain people’s shadows will be clearly on show for all to see. If we are living on autopilot and we are not consciously aware of our thoughts and feelings, we may readily engage in conflict, although, it will be our shadow that is causing the chaos and wanting to get involved.

Our unconscious dark side may be tempted to erupt and the outcome is unlikely to be pretty, which is why it is essential that we remain separate from any conflicts and that we are patient, calm, aware and fully in control of our reactions this week. The most vital thing we will take from this week is that none of this is about our relationships with other people, it is all showing us the state of the relationship we have with ourselves.

However we allow other people to treat us is a reflection of how we treat ourselves and also how we treat other people is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

Every interaction and every spoken word speaks volumes about how we are experiencing life at the very deepest level.

When we are silent we will see that everything that swirls on the outside is a signal to show us exactly what is swirling within.

This week whenever we view someone else’s behavior we can pay attention to what emotions of ours are being stirred internally. Although it may be painful, we can then softly study that emotion and tenderly trace it back to its origin so that essential healing work that we have been avoiding for much of our existence can finally begin.

Essentially, it is time to stop seeking love, understanding and acceptance externally and focus all of our attention on providing these things, without anyone else’s guidance, all by ourselves. All of the answers and everything we need is already within.

With patience and clarity by the end of this week, we will be rewarded for our ability to remain calm and in harmony with ourselves while we have been experiencing these challenging and quite antagonistic energy waves.

Whatever questions we have been asking lately, within the days following the New Moon, the answers will clearly reveal so that we can shed our old skin and make a fresh new start.

April 5th—Possibility of geomagnetic storms.

Geomagnetic storms can have a dramatic effect on human behavior and this can be just as beneficial as it is harmful, depending on how we view it. These storms can cause us to be shaken and stirred emotionally and mentally and this can cause all of our thoughts and feelings to be thrown into the air and it is up to us if we then reorganize them, or whether we decide to discard them. Just as these storms can affect technology and the weather, they push and pull human energy and if we remain consciously aware throughout, we can use this turbulence to our advantage to clear out the old and set intentions for new beginnings, just in time for the New Moon arriving on April 7th.

April 5thMercury in Taurus-–Rather than trying to do everything at once, we should try to separate everything, including our emotions, so that we focus on only one thing at a time. Earth sign Taurus helps us to slow right down so that we do not exhibit irrational or erratic behavior. Taurus is less about emotions and more about sensuality, so with this influence it’s easier to be clear-headed and a little more serious during this phase.

April 5th-29thVenus in Aries—Our relationships during this period will be hugely enhanced with romance, sensuality, passion and courageous advances all being brought to the surface. Aries is quite demanding and doesn’t compromise well, so we should remain wary of getting involved with people who might be a little too coercive and we should also reign in our own desire to be in control.

April 6thSun square Pluto-–During this period we will struggle the greatest if we feel out of control, which is why it is essential that we do not allow our ego to take control and we remain calm and patient, especially where our relationships are concerned. Otherwise, we will head into some very heated conflicts and may say things that in hindsight we wished had never been said.

April 7thNew Moon in Aries-–This is a intense and positive Moon and a great day for setting intentions for the year ahead. This Moon is saying that whatever we want, we can manifest and go out and get, although, we should be aware of the star sign it is in. Aries characteristics can be heady, irrational, impatient and compulsive, so as long as we take note on those aspects, we can work on them so that they do not cause difficulties with our future plans. We can then use the courageous, empowering and energetic influence that Aries gives off to propel towards an exciting and entirely new way of living.

April 9thSun Conjuncts Uranus-–Keep impulsive behavior under control. Before we take any action we should think long and hard about our intentions and what the outcome of it may be.




Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Eddi van W/Flickr

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