April 20, 2016

What I’m Learning About Love. {Poem}

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What I’m learning about Love

Is that it cannot be owned
It cannot be held
It cannot be controlled
Because Love belongs to no one

Love is an inherent property of the Universe
It passes from person to person
From one state to the next
Between this dimension and another
It’s never static, it’s not tangible, it cant be kept

What I’m learning about Love

Is that I am a vessel for it
I can receive it and I can give it
But a vessel cannot forever contain it
Because unless it’s flowing freely,
It’s no longer Love—
but rather some selfish desire to meet an existential crisis

I am starting to understand why people have come and gone:
It has finally landed that nobody will ever stay:
Because Love is constantly moving

Love has seasons of both drought and abundance
And all we have to do—as its vessels,
Is be in it, be part of it, and be fully present with it in the moment

For to control the flow of Love is to try to contain something
that a human being isn’t capable of:
Love will always go where it needs to
In spite of us, with us, or without us

What I’m learning about Love

Is that I need to let flow and let it sow
That I need not control it or count on it
Because it will go where it needs to go and when it needs to go
So that it enables healing, growth and acceptance where it is needed next
I therefore should have peace

That Love will always meet me at my point of need.


Author: Marlon Cameron

Editor: Sara Kärpänen

Photo: olivia mew / Flickr 

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