May 25, 2016

Blue is Beautiful. Unlock the Divinity of Blue Gemstones.

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I have always been drawn toward the pristine beauty and charm of blue gemstones. These sparkling gems are revered for their immense spiritual qualities. We can associate blue with the elements of water, ocean, sky, and our own bodies. Blue is the color of healing and divinity. Legends from many early civilizations identified blue stones to be the carriers of heavenly powers.

Spiritual properties of these gems surround our being with their potent, calming energies. Stones like blue sapphire, aquamarine, sodalite, turquoise, and lapis lazuli have astounding spiritual powers that can relieve stress, enhance inner peace, balance the emotions, and uphold the steady flow of energy. A remedy positive enough to soothe my harried soul! Although every gemstone in blue is a rare beauty, I have tried to compile a list of the most astounding ones here, along with their individualistic properties.

Blue sapphire.

Blue sapphire is one of the most immaculate and powerful gemstones. Historically, kings and warriors used to wear it as an amulet shielding them from their foes, evil eyes, jealousy, and hexing. At times, I have discovered my blue sapphire ring bestowing an astute and composed mindset on the worst days. It can bring luck, fame, possessions, and good reputation. The virtuous blue hues of this gemstone connote vastness of sky and depth of oceans, just like a spiritual sojourn that trespasses every boundary to reach my soul.


Aquamarine’s name derived from a Latin word that means “water of the sea.” It is said that aquamarine is infused with the vibrant energy of the ocean and the sea. This amazing gemstone controls emotions, anxiety, and stress. Since ancient times, women have used aquamarine to enhance their beauty and delay aging. A person who believes in the spiritual powers of this gemstone keeps it close to her soul. I always keep aquamarine on my desk to enhance my concentration while working on complex projects, and it works!


The sodalite gemstone is listed among a privileged class for its ability to induce imagination and creativity. It transfers such powers that its wearers develop their unique perception of nature and self. Artists, painters, sculptors, writers, and people engaged in creative fields can utilize the powers of sodalite for their benefit. It is thought to help leaders with good judgement, and a boost in energy, to help with expression.

Lapis lazuli.

Ancient Egyptian rulers wore lapis lazuli  because it was thought to contain incredible powers. They carried heavy jewelry studded with these gemstones, not only in life, but also in their after-life. These rulers were  impressed with its rich spiritual effects. It is believed that lapis lazuli helps eliminate negative thoughts and provides complete peace of mind. This gemstone helps with positive intuition that supports people charged with carrying out specific duties.


Turquoise is my favorite gemstone. It possesses profound healing properties. Ancient royals wore jewels made of turquoise to heal their bodies with this tranquil stone thought to bring protection in life, and protect our soul in the afterlife. People have deep spiritual faith in this stone and rightly so.

Over the years, I have developed a profound admiration for gemstones. They reflect the gifts that nature has bestowed upon us to keep our souls connected to the Almighty. Connect with the gemstones on a spiritual level by keeping them close to your eyes. I prefer putting them in a crystal ball, or lining them up together, in order to tap the enigma and serenity of these gems every day.


Author: Vaishali Agrawal

Image: Tom Hilton/Flickr

Editor: Jean Weiss

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