May 14, 2016

I’ll Know You Instantly.


I’ll know you instantly when I meet you.

Because your eyes reveal the magic we both know and believe in. Because you’ve taken the time to know your own heart and you walk fearlessly in the depths of where it leads, knowing it will always—and only—take you toward your own awakening.

You know that to not walk in the fire of mystery, to stay coiled within the comfort of the known is like half-breathing. So you always choose fire, intense realness, passion and truth. You always choose to run with the wolves and risk safety for freedom and for true, deep love.

You know that half-hearted attempts at love are a waste of this precious life. So you fall deep, without hesitation and you welcome the gut wrenching process of finding out what works and what doesn’t.

You don’t walk into love with feeble curiosity, you dive in with a trust and a knowing so solid that gale force winds can’t throw you off course. You’ve navigated your inner world and aren’t afraid to let me in and let me play and explore there with you.

You welcome my touch, my playfulness, my tears, my mystery. You crave our body’s coming together as much as I do. Your kisses and your touch are electric; turning me on, making me arch into you, and ache with intense longing and desire.

And you know the heat is only there because I trust you, and you will never break that trust. You know that we reflect each other’s souls, and to lie to me is to lie to yourself. So, we have an unspoken pact that hardcore, unrelenting truth is paramount and required.

There’s no oblique path to our connection. It’s a head-on collision that shatters our preconceptions and conditioned beliefs. It breaks our worlds wide open and creates new paradigms and new dimensions that you willingly, fearlessly, take my hand and jump into with me.

Yes, I’ll know you instantly when I meet you. And I won’t let you pass us by…





Author: Kristen Hundley

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Camdiluv

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